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Beware of Virgo (with a help of Virgo real horoscope!)

If we want to present Virgo real horoscope we need to point out one Virgo stereotype that’s not worth discussing: that of the celibate and fastidious vegetarian who does nothing but correct your grammar, add footnotes to conversations, and wash your plate before you’ve finished eating.
While it’s true some Virgos are inclined toward cleanliness and proper vegetarian diets, Virgo real horoscope reveals the fact that many of them are carnivorous and have never formed an intimate relationship with a broom.
The stereotype is a smoke screen created by natives of the sign Virgo to protect themselves and fool other people. Virgo is actually the object of universal lust. There’s something unsullied about Virgos that makes you want to drag them to the depths of depravity and hope they’ll do your laundry while they’re there. While you try to do that, Virgo will lure you into helplessness.
Purity is their bait. Watch out for it.

Beware the Virgo Seduction

Before manipulating Virgo, learn how the sign seduces you and insinuates itself into your good graces. Virgo is looking for trouble. Yours.
Here’s how he finds it.

Beware the Virgo Intellect

Behind Virgo’s serene face is a shining mind. This mind will illuminate all the problems in your life. Especially the ones you don’t want to see. Virgo was invented to create order and inject calmness into chaos.
Virgo won’t do anything to you she’s not willing to do to herself. And Virgo will do anything, including organizing her own life. Now she wants to organize yours.


If you succumb to the Virgo seduction, Virgo will organize you beyond recognition.

Beware the Virgo Helpfulness

Helpfulness is how Virgo rides the entrance ramp into your mind. It starts out innocently. Say you’re in a scuffle with an ATM machine. It keeps spitting out your card and beeping at you in a menacing manner. You try again. The same thing happens. Ther. you hear a voice coming from somewhere behind you.
Voice: Have you tried sticking it in stripe-side-down?
You: No, I hadn’t thought of that.
Voice: Let me show you.
You: (with bemused gratitude when the screen flashes the PIN
prompt) Thank you.
Voice: I’m glad to be of help.
Suddenly, you shudder. You feel a chill go down your spine and half expect to see a black limo with tinted windows pulling up alongside you. Was it your imagination or did you hear the phrase Mafioso used when coaxing into a car those inconvenient people who will soon
be wearing concrete boots: “Let’s go for a ride.”


If you let Virgo seduce you with helpfulness, you’ll find your life is in danger. Of being taken over by Virgo.
Do you want to manage the Virgin? Managing others is Virgo’s career. Not only does she love her job with a passion that’s immoral, but she’s also a 168-hour-a-week workaholic. Manipulating Virgo is also quite a task because the Virgo cleverness will spot your efforts to be cunning. On the flip side, Virgo’s compulsion to help you vaults her into performing feats you’d have to scam all the other signs into doing. Virgo revels in life ‘s tedium: She yearns to run errands, balance bank statements, and find missing socks. Just ask. Is there a price for this helpfulness besides your soul? Yes. You’ll run on Virgo ‘s schedule. Not only are there no free lunches; there’s also no free time.




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