Moon in Virgo

Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon – The Emotional Pendant

Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury. However, the Virgo Mercury is different from the Gemini Mercury. The emblem of the Virgo Mercury is a virgin. In this emblem the Virgo is depicted as more serious, more stable, analytical, and one that overhangs in emotional matters. They are generally more serious about issues especially when handling matters of the heart. Even so, the Virgos and Gemini traits are similar in terms of their humor, intellect and ability to make fast decisions. In the Zodiac chart, Virgo is the sixth sign and it illustrates care, healing and a self-sacrificing nature. The Virgo is symbolized as a person who likes to take action to ensure that everything goes on well without trying to get the attention of all other people. Virgos always place the interests and needs of others before their own. This makes them most suitable for workplaces like the government, heath care facilities and consultancies. People who best illustrate this character are Henry Kissinger who was a diplomat and Deepak Chopra who was an author.

The Virgo Moon are people that are disciplined and nurturing of others. They like to witness positive growth and transformation in other people in a structured manner unlike the Cancer Moon who does so without a particular plan. They tend to offer well deliberated care and are critical about the minute details that other people may overlook. In the eyes of the non-Virgos, they appear to be too critical to an extent that some people may not be very comfortable with. Virgo Moon people tend to seek for perfection in they do. They thus go beyond the mundane things in life so as to gain a better understanding of how to deal with difficult issues. They are aware that attaining purity in life is close to impossible but they still strive to attain it. In fact, the further away they get from perfection, the higher the drive they get to achieve it. When one makes a conversation with these people, they open up about knowing that perfection is unattainable. They admit that living up to the very high standards that they create is extremely difficult but they say that nothing can alter their desire.

The Virgo Moon people are likely to bring up issues about ordinary things including spotlessness, precision and keeping time. That’s. among other because Virgo Moon search security in little things in life. But, since they are very critical, they often miss the necessary details about a matter. A person who enters into a relationship with a Virgo Moon must handle them with caution. They must be very purposeful when interacting with them so as to help the Virgo Moon maintain a reasonable perspective of things. Too often, their minds are occupied with perfecting things to the point that they fail to live optimally. The partner ought to remind them of the world’s imperfections so as to bring them back into the normal human state. They need to know that perfection is not the ultimate element in the world but one must not pressure them too much as well. The Virgo Moon need a lot of mental and emotional support so as to live healthy lives that are free from too much worry or irritation.

Everything in the world has its positive side and a negative one as well. Among the Virgo Moons, their quest for perfection is good because it allows them to work very well in environments that demanding and those that require keen attention to detail. They make very good health care experts, engineers, accountants, designers, and the like. On the flipside, these people easily get hurt by their inability to attain the very high standards that they have set for themselves. When this happens, they tend to result into a state of melancholy that can linger for long if adequate support is not provided.

A typical Virgo Moon in a normal state is likely to believe and prove that the earth is big enough to accommodate everything that is found in it. They believe that everything is placed strategically with reason and that after using something, one has to return it to the original position. Interestingly, the Virgo Moons express this belief in different ways. Some may be very particular about a few elements of their lives but leave the rest of it in a disorganized fashion. In their defense, they may state argue that it is sometimes fine for things not to be in their rightful places. The Virgo Moon loves being in control so it may be hard to try change them or convince them otherwise about an issue.

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