Virgo Ascendant

virgo ascendant
virgo ascendant

Virgo Rising Sign

Virgo Ascendant – First House in Virgo

Whatever is your Sun sign, Virgo ascendant bestowed you with analytical introspection you use in order to discover the truth about man. Even the more flashy Sun signs like Leo become more humble and radiate quiet intellectual, collected and a bit reserved aura when Virgo is the Rising sign. However, you have higher level of self-confidence then Virgo sun, but your humility often seems more authentic. You are always aware and ready to acknowledge that you have more to learn and further to go to improve yourself.

Maturation is especially important for Virgo ascendant because you crystallize your value system and an idea what kind of person you want to be as you age, and as years go by, you implement it more and more in the practice. However, there is always much more going on, that can be seen on the surface.

You perceive the world through your mind, constantly analyzing and approaching to the matters carefully. That’s why you can be seen as too analytically cool or shy. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t emotional. On the contrary (and, of course, depending on other planetary positions of your Natal Chart), you have tender emotions that run deep, and you’re always there to help others. You just don’t jump to conclusions and get firmly sure about an issue before you research it to details, study it from all points of view and ask a lot of questions. You are aware that being humble allows you to find out much more than taking „I know“ position. Being unaware of personal ignorance you consider to be a cardinal sin. It is said the Virgo people often become prominent because they are so inoffensive that no one opposes them!

This ascendant is ruled by Mercury, the planet of Intellect, but Virgo is also an earth sign. That’s where your tendency to implement intellectual efforts in practical matter – in an earthly purpose comes from. The earth element equipped your intellect with endurance, and the mutable quality with adaptability. But, you are not easily contented and can be very critical of others as you are of yourself. The strong self-criticism you’ve inherited from Virgo can be defeating, but with this sign in Ascendant, you tend to deal with it and work it out. You are a perfectionist, but you should be careful of the tendency to get lost in a detail and feeling resentful that others don’t appreciate its importance. Just remember the other side of you that can be sloppy and disorganized as much as the other side is neaty and detail-orientated.

You are often cutting in your observations. You have a capacity for puncturing human vanity, especially in loud, flashy and obvious people, but this ability to discern falsehood and self-delusion in others is not always appreciated. You hold that people should be respected for their knowledge and skills, and the true virtue doesn’t promote itself and boast. But, you actually like being a member of a team. You prefer to express yourself, not through the worldviews and attitudes, but through what you are capable of and what can be of service to others. You share your ideas – often original and ingenious – without looking for special approbation. You’d prefer making money through partnership.

You have unmistakable body-awareness. You are acutely conscious of any bodily discomfort or signs. Your health awareness rendered your advanced views on food and diet. The pickiest person about food at the table is probably Virgo ascendant. But you are prone to overlook the fact that the strain of too much work can affect your highly sensitive nervous system. You tend to worry about lots of thing, and new situations arouse insecurity in you.

You are inclined to be orthodox in your attitudes toward religion and metaphysical matters. You may also desire to teach in these fields. Although your vision of a particular religion may be wide and comprehensive, you will probably apply its tenets in recognized ways. You are keen to judge the merits of any philosophy or doctrinaire way of life on its practical results.

You possess a penetrating business mind and are capable of shrewd and subtle assessments. You intimately desire wealth and expend considerable effort building up your savings. You are economical and prudent. You don’t enjoy making a scene about money, but you indicate clearly to others that you know what’s going on. You are cautiously protective of your own interests and are not likely to plunge into financial ventures without thorough reflection. You can also be counted on to look after the interests of others, which makes you a trusted and valuable employee, guardian or companion. The extravagance of others distresses you deeply if it upsets your own financial affairs.

You have tremendous self-control, so your approach to pleasurable activities is rather restrained, although you are not beyond breaking out on occasions. You tend to choose the safest or more socially acceptable course, and this can be inhibiting when it comes to romance and other exciting diversions. This reserve is not so pronounced in Virgo men as in women. On the opposite side of Ascendant- Descendant axis, that influence personal relationship is Pisces, so you’ll tend to look for more spiritual and/or artistic partner or one that is troubled and in need. As the sign of Unseen reality and Compassion, Pisces descendant infers what you’ll be attracted to.

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