Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo: Fastidious Fall

Your appearance and your attitude, as well as your approach are neat, almost clinical. You aren’t the flirtatious type of person that’s spontaneous in love. Actually, you just never lose your head in romantic pursue. You have a pretty good control over your emotions, because you analyze a situation critically, prior to doing anything. In most of the instances, you will take time to disentangle all the emotions that are associated with the certain situation leaving nothing to spontaneity. You prefer to distribute your affection in rather well-organized way. Your strength is in your devotion to a relationship, your loner-like charm and your integrity. 

You are also sophisticated and very intelligent. You have a hard time expressing your emotions and that’s why you’ve probably experienced a lot of misunderstanding. But you are a dependable and empathetic human being. Your goodness is contained in your usefulness because the planet of Love -Venus is in your case in the sign of Service – Virgo. You are the love that serves.

With this placement marriage may happen very late for you, even though you have excellent relationships with fellow workmates and friends. Giving yourself away emotionally is one of the hardest things for you to do. Instead, you connect with others intellectually or through work.

You are rather shy, withdrawn and soft-spoken. You also have much sympathy for the underdog. You would naturally make an excellent nurse or doctor and this is further made possible by you love and constant attention to neatness, hygiene and sanitation.

With this placement, other aspects of your Natal chart become especially important, because more warmth, to balance the cold, suppressed intellectuality in the planet of Love and Beauty can change a lot. Even just Sun in Libra or Leo are beneficial, or more planets in element Water. With difficult aspects to Venus, all the good qualities of Virgo can turn to exact opposite: instead of being too shy to find love,  you could obsessively pursue sex. Instead of being neat and clinical, you may even be rude and unkempt. You may also be lazy and secretive instead the hardworking as normally Venus in Virgo is.

The typical Venus in Virgo is very careful in matters of love, mostly because you feel that letting your emotions out will render you a victim for emotional manipulations of an unworthy partner.Many are the times that you magnify a minor defect in a potential partner and make a mountain of it in order to avoid an involvement.

Before you make any move toward a romantic relationship, you have to be secure that feelings are mutual. And even when you do that, you’re subtle. If your romantic moves toward other pass without being noticed, you easily get turned-off. And every time you make that move, you do that bearing in the mind possible marriage, or at least relationship that has potential to last. You just don’t understand people who enter marriages with passionate impulse when you’re aware how many things are there to be considered.

You like your partners to be neat as you are, to start with physical appearance – ironed and clean, tidy, with a natural look. People who who don’t try to hard or like a drama, who are able just to be and make smart decisions in a silence. People who show-off, you just don’t find attractive, you prefer subtlety. If the person has a good manners and take care of the diet and healthy lifestyle you’ll find that appealing even more. You are also not very interested in receiving compliments. You’d prefer a partner who’ll be there where hard times come, or even – just to help paying the bills. You think that mutual support is a base of any good relationship.

In you, your partner gets both great listener and a worst critic. That’s because you are acutely aware of the imperfections on one side, and your wish to help on the other side. Your criticism always have just one goal – to serve the improvement of the others. But the fact that your observations are usually true doesn’t help you keep your friends, and you could get labeled as hypercritical, if not outspokenly rough, rude, even insulting.

Your ideal partner is one that values you, understands you and makes you feel special at all times. Because, even though you are withdrawn, you actually have very strong wish to be respected and appreciated. That’s nothing of a egotistical tendency, you just need to be needed. But one of your strongest sides is when you’re already in the relationship, you’ll serve diligently, devotedly ready to overcome relationship obstacles, and if you come to contention and discord, you’ll do everything in your power in order to save your relationship

Interestingly, even with your cautiousness in love, most of the times you will fall in love with the wrong partner who will not appreciate you as you would wish, for all your virtues.(It seems like something of the “curse” of this placements, because you always give your rational best to form a relationship to last). And they are many of your virtues. You are loyal and refined and you often have a delicate gift for writing or teaching; you are business-wise, and you have quite, sometimes understood just by chosen, but witty sense of humor. A great number of the government leaders and humanitarians who were born with Venus in Virgo have chosen to rather share their love with the entire world than to one person.

Venus in Virgo Famous people: John Lennon and Leonard Cohen, politician Angela Merkel, writers Marcel Proust, Johann von Goethe and J. K. Rowling, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, actresses Brigitte Bardo and actress Sophia Loren, labor leader Walter Reuther and comedian Will Rogers.




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