Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus Keyword: Steadfast

The planet Venus is a planet of Beauty, Love and Romance, and her sign is Taurus. Venus isn’t comfortable in any sign as she is in Taurus, here her qualities are magnified. She is also a planet of earthly possessions and money. So, she endowed you with her grace, affection and charm… and your great love of comfort.

The Venus-Taurus is very steady, loyal and has an advanced and refined sense of touch. Love for luxurious surroundings comes naturally to you as you have an innate taste for the finer things in life. But, you are rather simple and practical, and you are able to wait for things and for love – for the right person. Interestingly enough, Venus in Taurus people often get what they’ve been waiting for. It is a placement that brings luck, especially in the matters of money. Meanwhile, you know what you want, and you are prepared to work for it long and hard.

In addition, and contrary to the expectation that you are aggressive in your sensuality, you express it in the rather passive way. In fact, you prefer it when things flow your way rather than have you chase after them. People from the opposite sex will easily notice you and seek after you because of your charm. You are sociable and amiable person, and people warm up quickly in your presence. This combination also usually renders an attractive physical looks and appealing voice. You have close connection to the nature, and may have some artistic inclinations and love of music.

You are very straightforward in matters of love: either you love someone and give everything – or you don’t. But, you are always aware of your body movements and your personal magnetism. You leave the impression of the passionate person that is able to receive and give love. Sex is so natural place for you that you are never ashamed of the nakedness. For you, sex is great, great part of love. Love, actually doesn’t exist without sex.

Platonic love doesn’t mean a lot to you. For you, love has to have visible gestures and concrete deeds. You aren’t the one to make a first step. You like when other side does comfortable things to you and hate to be rushed or pushed into anything, especially love.

You are stable and faithful in love life, but you don’t give your affection easily. It is also usual that Venus in Taurus starts sexual life somewhat later (it also depends on other planetary positions), as if you have some subconscious awareness that your search for the One could take some time, and you want to preserve your well-being. Other reason for that may be because your emotions run deep, and bad relationships fall hard to your feelings. And it’s emotions you choose your partner by, not by reason. When the right person comes, you express affection in a very sensual, physical and demonstrative way, but you can overdo it at times. Your desire to be by your loved one, and your passionate way of showing it can become smothering. Your relationships is threatened by your tendency to stuck in routine. Or, if you become insecure in a relationship you can become too possessive and jealous.

Difficult aspects to Venus can render person who is possessive of both people and things, stubbornness and late marriage. You love to feel world with all the senses: and that’s visible also in your love for food. You should watch out the tendency to gain weight.

Famous people with Venus in Taurus include artists Salvador Dalí and Leonardo da Vinci, princess Diana, tennis player Novak Đoković, singer Prince, composer Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov, poet Walt Whitman and violinist Yehudi Menuhin.




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