Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio Keyword: Intense

The most notable trait of the Venus in Scorpio is as their keyword says: Intensity. You are a deeply emotional human being who also has strong and passionate sexual desires. That intensity is obsessive at times, especially when it is about your affection, always fueled by extreme, all-consuming emotions. To you, emotional depth is a basic requirement in order for you to be able to connect in a way you do it: with an undivided devotion, absolute bond, and – complete possession. You give everything and your whole self – and you desire the same in return.

The planet of Love – Venus, is here in the sign of Passion, and it can result in turning the love into lust. And even though it can easily point out to the fact that sexual side of your relationships is so emphasized, the spiritual plane of your nature shouldn’t be neglected. When you love you want to engulf your loved one with your whole soul and – body. Other reason for Venus in Scorpio commitment to sex is their suspiciousness. As they will always have a hard time completely believing someone, they hold that complete intimacy as sex is, couldn’t be susceptible to trickery as words are. That’s only occasion when Scorpio Venus person can be completely sure of belonging and commitment on all plans they so deeply long for.

When a Venus in Scorpio is interested in a person, it shows in the intensity of their presence and focus when they are with you: they want to enter in your head and they are especially good at it. And they actually want the same in return. No half-way anything they can bear, and you wouldn’t keep their interest if you are distracted or detached. If you can offer sensation, luxury and pleasure, you’re in the game. And of course, if you aren’t ready to offer your whole self, don’t even try with a Venus in Scorpio – they prefer to have a stormy relationship over the superficial one.

To others, you seem fearless and you always take things to extremes. And whilst being idealistic or religious is a trait of the Venus in Scorpio, you’ll probably take it to the mystic side. “Classified” is the label of this placement and your appeal actually consist of your both animal and enigmatic charm. You want friends able to keep secrets. And even you like penetrating into other people’s souls, you aren’t so happy to share yours. You can have artistic inclinations toward pathos or drama.

With a Venus in Scorpio you are possessive and jealous even to your friends. But you’ll probably wouldn’t admit that. You also can be controlling, and with immense will-power you possess, a little stalker always lurks in your deep, deep inner world. Moreover because of the detective urge of any Scorpio, you’ve probably found yourself a couple of times checking the profiles of your lovers, searching for any kind of betrayal, basically – stalking. Since you do everything with so much zeal, you become bleak when faced with rejection. Ex-lovers can be stuck in your head, obsessively spinned in your mind circles. As you have a hard time forgiving, you aren’t the typical Venus in Scorpio if you never had your ex-partner and strategies how to get even in the same thought process. With the depth of your feelings, it is very easy for you to hate someone or something that you loved before.

As you continuously suppress all that emotions mentioned above, which are intense before else, that energy built up can make you frustrated, dissatisfied or restless. It can eventually reach boiling point and explode in the form of some self-destructive urge. Your emotions can throw you alternately to heaven and hell, and back.

At this point, it is important to mention that Scorpio is also the sign of Transformation. As you have a sharp and penetrative mind able to get to the bottom of any mystery, Scorpio also equipped you with innate capacity to turn hardships of this position into spiritual goods. This position refers to the mystical and religious experiences that are on your disposal, if you use the power of the Scorpio Transformation and learn the lesson of self-control.
If your Venus is in Scorpio, you should also take a look on the other parts of your Natal chart. Sun and/or Mercury in Libra or Sagittarius can soften the “dark” traits of Venus in Scorpio. Whilst hard aspects can render you preoccupied with sex, selfish and even cruel and lead to depravity and perversity. Tragedy here can lead to violent life changes.

When you first meet a Venus in Scorpio, you probably wouldn’t noticed much of the traits described here. It’s actually their suspiciousness and unwillingness to reveal themselves what reveals them. You can even get completely wrong picture. But if you get involved with a holder of this placement, remember that the biggest number of their “dark” characteristics, as jealousy or distrust, come from a deep seated fear of getting hurt and betrayal. They are afraid of the closeness because of the intensity of their emotions that render them vulnerable. They also can easily sway from being sensitive to totally closed. But with them you can meet complete surrender to love, devoid of any taboos. And have a friend who from time to time picks a phone even before you’ve dialed a number.

People with this position have a tendency toward lucrative marriages and profitable partnerships.

Famous people with Venus in Scorpio: entrepreneur Bill Gates,  psychic Uri Geller, murders: cult leader Charles Manson and Ted Bundy, Indian leader Mohandas Gandhi, politician Vladimir Putin, musicians Jim Morrison and  Keith Richards, scientist Marie Curie




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