Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius Keyword: Objective

With Venus in Sagittarius you are free-willed, friendly, adventurous person fun to be around. Humorous and sociable, you lean toward flirty. Beside your outgoing, freedom-loving and creative attitude, you are emotionally idealistic and enthusiastic. As a star of every company, you are a bit of a disappointment when it comes to sensual part of a relationship. Your gaze is forever returning to the horizon, and your so broad-based affections and desires are difficult to keep focused on one person only.

The planet of Love – Venus, is here in the sign of a seeker, philosopher and explorer, the Shaman. Therefore, you search for a person who will help you develop personally and explore new horizons. You wish to grow through new experiences, preferably first-hand, and to do that together with your loved one. That’s why you’re indeed very lucky Venus in Sagittarius person, if you’ve found a fulfillment in a relationship with one person.

You like to explore the world of ideas, preferably with the similar broad-minded people. Your jokes, idealistic attitudes, free-spirited worldview are very sexy. First attractions represent new adventures for you, and you live for new adventures. Probably every time you entered new love affair you did it because of belief you’ve found the One you look for. But, that wildly romantic emotion is hard to keep alive for long, as the attractions loses on its adventurous quality, you start to compare it with your unreachable ideal of what love should be. And even though your love affairs never seem banal and superficial, hard commitments and lost of freedom is what you’d rather run away from.

With the duality of your nature, you often leave your partners puzzled. Other people can see that duality in curious mix of your traits that are joyful and serious at the same time. It also makes a huge gap between your inner profundity and superficial behavior you sometimes manifest.

For that reason, you make much better friend than a lover – in general. On the one hand, you hate being inhibited by partner as there are too much new things you want to discover, so it’s hard for you to devote completely to desires of one person. One the other, you were born for fun and games: to be adventure-pal and to find one as well. Deep, obsessive emotions and drama (like Venus in Scorpio does it) is something you dread. You can even talk about all the philosophical subjects in the world, but you’ll avoid talking about your feelingsYour good-natured, amiable spirit is best expressed in brief encounters, and it’s easiest to keep it alive when left to wait for some new happy meetings.

But, Sagittarius is also a sign of Religion. So if you find the person you were looking for, you’ll find the object of a worship. Best if started with a friendship, you’ll invest yourself spiritually in your relationship, committing your beliefs to it. Your adventure-pal for life will enjoy generosity and optimism you bring into relationship, and will respect high level of integrity you possess.

In a relationship, you believe in ideals as loyalty and honesty, but you don’t like to be tied down. You also believe that true relationship consists of sharing thoughts and experiences, without losing your personal freedom. Besides that, a good, free-minded conversation is one of the essential conditions for your love affairs to be successful. You find intelligent and educated people attractive. But you probably find people who are genuinely in love with life as most appealing, and who live that without any trimmed poses and polished portrayals.

Sexually, you like to experiment and discover new things. For that reason, you’ll probably have many diverse experiences before you settle down. These positions used to refer to marriage to a foreigner in traditional astrology, but it also could represent many love affairs on travels or relationship with a person of a different culture, upbringing, religion or beliefs, or widely different life experiences.

You have a great love of outdoors, where you can unload your restlessness. Nature, travel and different cultures delight you. You have a refined sense of beauty. You might love gambling or the risks that make you feel alive. You believe that you have something special to offer to the world, either through your philosophical concepts or religious ideals, or through friendship and share of ideas with many people of different cultures and races as possible. Because of so wide net of friends, people can doubt your sincerity, but it’s actually your honesty – sometimes blunt – that can hurt more sensitive types. You should watch out the tendency to be clumsy or to ignore other people’s feelings: it can be hurtful to others.

Partnership that Venus in Sagittarius ultimately make are rather lucky and tend to lead to material gain. It also draws powerful and influential friends to a chart holder. You aren’t the frugal person, and you probably have some money saved for travel, or at least a wish to do that. You can also perceive money as your doors to freedom.

Famous people with Venus in Sagittarius: musician David Bowie, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix, politicians Margaret Thatcher, Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, writer Mark Twain, industrialist Howard Hughes, actors Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L. Jackson and John Malkovich, Ivanka Trump and Madame de Pompadour




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