Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces Keyword: Compassionate Exaltation

The planet of Love – Venus is here in the sign of Dreams. With Venus in Pisces you are gentle soul who probably dreams a lot about soulmate – the real love. Real love is what you need to feel complete – and as if you fulfilled your earthly purpose. You come across as compassionate, helpful and tenderhearted, and it’s actually that Neptunian (Neptune, the ruler of the Pisces) elusiveness, quite promise of deep, emotional capacity for love, that makes you so charming.

Because of the same reason, you are also a little bit fickle. That’s not your intention, but being in love overwhelms you. It is such a beautiful feeling of being in love, and especially being loved, that you get swayed by that fulfilling emotion. You just experience an ecstatic devotional completeness.

People with this position have capacity to love more profoundly and consumingly than most others even dream of. However, it’s interesting that you also have an unlucky affinity of choosing the wrong partner, the ones who take emotional advantage of you – and never really reciprocate the emotion and affection you give them. In the search for love, you are likely to spread your net of gentle affections over a very wide area. Quite unconsciously, you drag in a lot of odd fish. If it is not the real thing, you tire very quickly and move on. The idol you are seeking is the person who conforms to your peculiar ideals, some of which have no relation to human nature. But you are willing to plug the holes in the characters you find with your incredible plastic imagination. Consequently, you are frequently disillusioned or heartbroken. That’s why many Venus-Pisces seek love on some other side, still trying not to hurt the emotions of partner. That can result in a secret love affair.

You are sensitive and sometimes moody. Your style of connecting with the world is to pick up an emotion, feel out the vibe, and you also adapt to it. That’s why you can have a hard time setting a personal boundaries. And having them would be helpful, because you are easily hurt. As you are really good, sympathetic listener, you have to watch out the tendency to become burdened by the problems of other people.

Because of the sensitivity and receptivity of this placement, it is extremely important that you surround yourself by people who uplift you, and steer those who drain you. When disappointed, you are teared by emotions, and your task is to learn to handle them and protect yourself as you mature.  Whilst you are carried on by the sea of emotions, your partner can actually feel alone – as if emotions by themselves are more important than the actual person. Lack of directivity of your emotions can be maddening to your loved ones.

Venus in Pisces is at her most idealistic position. That’s why when you love, you love unconditionally. You don’t care about the feathers, status or position, you love the essence of another person – the inner being. Goddess of love and beauty in this position is searching for something that may not be attainable in this world. But that won’t stop her from trying.

You are kind, generous, sensitive and extremely compassionate. Self-sacrifice in love is natural to you – in fact, you are inclined to be too willing to surrender yourself to another, too eager to worship your beloved. Of course, other strengthening influences in the horoscope can make you more practical and self preserving – like having the Sun in Aries or Capricorn will bestow a more urgent sense of self.

You are also passionately responsive to any form of human sorrow or suffering. You have a need to help every underdog, but that way you can easily become the victim of opportunists yourself. Martyrdom and suffering attracts you. You are at your best when saving or being saved. And even though you have a hard time committing, or you commit superficially, if you find someone genuinely helpless or underprivileged, dependent person, you can really have a ball.

But the pressure of worldly responsibility, finding the money and paying the bills, has to be be left to someone else. You are a poor battler when it comes to coping with cruel reality. Loving—even dying—is easy for you; but living is hard. Venus in Pisces is fulfilled by the exquisite sensation of yielding all to another.

You don’t hold grudges and are far too forgiving and understanding to make enemies. Although sociable, playful, hospitable and fond of mixing with the opposite sex, you are more romantic than lascivious. However, in a relationship, it’s hard for others to rely on you. People with this position are so afraid of hurting someone, that they tend to distort the truth even when it is not necessary. Some Venus-Pisces people carry a feeling of being misunderstood, and that feeling gets especially pronounced when in a relationship. It is hard for anyone to understand your intuitive nature – as you have a hard time understanding yourself.

You enjoy ease and comfort and sincerely wish that the whole world could be at peace. As much as you love your family, you will not necessarily give them priority over a stranger you believe requires your help. You may marry more than once. People with this combination often take up voluntary work or are employed in hospitals and similar institutions.

With hard aspects to your Venus, you can be devious, secretive and unable to face facts. You could have a tendency to retreat from the slightest challenge.

You possess a deep appreciation of all that is beautiful in art and nature and are particularly fond of music. As a composer, dancer, writer, artist or poet, you have great inspiration, almost otherworldly. Your vivid imagination can open the doors of the spirituality and make you deeply aware of the spiritual world. In most Venus in Pisces these quality is expressed as impressibility.

Famous people with Venus in Pisces: singers Kurt Cobain, Norah Jones and Marilyn Manson, artist Vincent van Gogh, activists Martin Luther King and Osama bin Laden, psychic Edgar Cayce, writers Edgar Allan Poe and Victor Hugo, composers Frédéric Chopin and Johann Sebastian Bach, inventor Thomas Edison




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