Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra Keyword: Compatible

The planet of Love – Venus, is here in the sign of Balance – Libra. Beauty and harmony are essential to your life and that extents, not only your environment, but to friends and associates, attitudes and mannerisms, all presented well with your harmonious way of speaking. As you are attracted to the same, you are strongly repulsed by anything crude, clumsy, selfish, blatant and uncouth. Your refined taste and idealistic discrimination could lead to conclusion that you’ll go through life bruised from all sides. But it is far away from the truth. You’re subtle and inoffensive in everything you do, and your resourcefulness help you balance all around yourself, building your own private world of peace and harmony.

You are easily hurt, but you aren’t the person who hold a grudge. You do your best to harmonize your disappointment, but if you can’t, you have no problem walking away from it. You are gracious and grateful and forever young.

As you are social creature, all social connections are extremely important to you. You enjoy companionship, and as a true people pleaser, sometimes you’re too much so. Nevertheless, in all the judgments you make, you exercise utmost sobriety and make very fair conclusions. You have very high norms of social mannerism, to the extent that loud noises and disaccord make you nervous.

But you are actually very easy to be with, because your mind is clear, your way of speaking is dynamic and you like, not just to entertain, you do it with your graceful charm. That is why public performance is the field of art you could express yourself well, but also in sculpturing, painting, singing and poetry. You have a deep appreciation for the things that money can purchase although you are not cash-oriented.

Venus in Libra likes to be surrounded by people who are artistic and philosophical, and rather often happens that some of them are famous in their field. Associating with people from higher social status comes naturally to you, and often you are the one of them. You exude some old Hollywood charm and you like noble novelty and cultured spare time. Your fashion sense is chic and stylish, and your inner love toward beauty and harmony is visible in your whole appearance as a extremely fine taste.

You are in love with love, and that’s more in a romantic then in a sensual way. It doesn’t mean that you are sexually disengaged. As you are so appealing to the opposite sex in the magnetic way, you also fall in love easily and hold at times more than one love interest alive. But for you, love is the gift of the spirit. You exude quiet promise of love, sometimes beguile, just to awake and keep the curiosity of the other party. When you receive attention you thrive in the game of being nice, diplomatic and courteous.

And whilst it is just a game of keeping magic alive, it could have the purpose of hiding yourself. But it all changes when you’re truly in love. It gets so strong that sometimes, blinded by motions, you are more in love with love then with your actual partner. As your love is more idealistic than physical, you idealize your lover to the level that’s beyond the reach of mortal human being. And that’s a fertile ground for your disappointment. Due to your perfectionistic demands, you are apt to realize rather quickly gaping abyss between your ideal and the real person. This is often the reason why people with Venus in Libra change their partners more frequently.

That’s one of the prejudice people tend to have about you. Another is that you’re empty, when you’re actually don’t speak your mind in order to avoid conflict. And the third most often prejudice about you, is that you are superficial and/or snobbish because of your dressing, choice of associates of high social status and luxury things – but that’s just your propensity toward beauty.

In a relationship, that’s often of the primary importance to you, you want to be treated nice and kindly. You like old-movie courtships, flowers, pretty words, chocolates, as well as you like to give in a return romantic atmosphere, bedroom dim lights, candles, warm bath. You lean toward mental in love, so talking foreplays is something you enjoy. Talks about relationship, communication, sharing is a turn-on – anything that just resembles to vulgar is a turn off.

If you treat your Venus in Libra partner fairly, you’ll always have the lover who understands you and treats you in the same way. That’s not always easy, because their good deeds sometimes are difficult to follow and give the same in return. A little more “airy” (Libra – Air) approach to relationship can seem too detached and deprived of feelings to more emotional signs (like Cancer or Scorpio), but people with Venus in Libra have a lot to offer: in a love affair, they are always fair, considerate and kind.

Any aggressiveness will alienate people with this placement, turning out of the thoughtful person who was willing to make a relationship work, into really cold and distant one. Remember that these folks perceive themselves through other people’s eyes, and tend to value their own worth by acceptance and approval of others.

Famous people with Venus in Libra: actress Grace Kelly and Rita Hayworth, occultists Aleister Crowley and Helena Blavatsky, writer Oscar Wilde, designer Karl Lagerfeld, artist Pablo Picasso, musician Freddie Mercury, actors Sean Connery and Matthew McConaughey, model Claudia Schiffer




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