Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo Keyword: Romantic

As the keyword indicates you are romantic and passionate. Behavior of the Venus in Leo can be, in many cases, melodramatic and you love life and loveYou enjoy getting the attention of others, hence your constant effort to be at the center of everything. You are naturally gifted in dramatizing your entrance and appearance, and in timing almost all your moves. In company of others, you keep track who noticed your presence and who didn’t.

You blossom in luxury environments, and you are epitome of a diva – and with a pleasant aspects to Venus mostly in good sense of the word – you know how to entertain people and turn them into admirers, both with your charm and your skillfulness with words. You’re gifted way of self-expressing gets noticed in any company. You’re really fun to be with and your high-minded attitude plus spontaneity, very often in this position leads to popularity. And because you are the one who made an art form out of seduction, opposite sex is usually more numerous in your fan-club.

Among the things that matter most to you are clothes, physical appearances and later in life – your children. The clothes that you adorn tell of your artistic nature. You are also into the writing, poetry, music and the theatre can be a great place for your dramatic love nature, and actually many of you have a superb gift in acting. Even though you see yourself as trend-setter (and often you are), sometimes there isn’t just clear line between your clothing self-expression and eccentricity, but you always bring it with Lion’s dignity.

You get excited at dramatic relationships. You don’t like being in a relationship stuck in a routine, you prefer the one that is exciting and flamboyant as you are. “Whole world is a stage “ describes your inner love life. For a Leo, love is the most important thing, and with your Venus in that sign (planet of Love in the sign of Love) you can’t live without romance. Probably all of your love partners were The One to you, and you never accept that love is eternal only while it lasts, even though you experienced that. You invest entire your being into the person you love, and you expect the same in return.

That’s why you probably had a lot of disappointments followed by sorrow in love department. Don’t turn a blind eye and make your imaginary ideal of the person of your love interest, because you eventually get hurted. You really need a striking individual in order to fall in love. But remember, you need to become aware of the altruistic function that your great capacity for love naturally contains, and not just to chase your individual desire and gratification, in order to break the circle of loving, serving  and being hurt over and over again. Other reason for your heartaches is sometimes your mannerism. Although you dream about love, your show-off attracts those who are incapable of giving it.

Venus in Leo people are sensual and you can’t separate love from sex, and affection even more boosts your sexual fantasies. That’s why, even though sex is important to you, relationship that consists of only sexual aspect doesn’t tend to last long. If there are some difficult aspects, you tend to mistake love for lust. Your relationship is perfect if it’s constantly in the romance part, with “just fallen in love” feeling, some good-hearted teasing, and anything that keeps that freshness of a game of love alive.

If Venus in Leo starts to recounts who courted him/her,  how many admirers he/she has and all his/hers love successes, that’s a good sign! He/She just wants to impress a person, showing that he/she is interested. The other side should watch out not to do the same and hurt Lion’s pride and his belief to be very experienced in the matters of love. And never, ever be impersonal with a Venus in Leo. Additionally, respected other half has to be confident, because you are strongly attracted to confidence in opposite sex.

Normally, you want to get praised by others and when that is not provided at home, you will seek it elsewhere. Luckily for you, you are naturally able to get others to warm up to you at all times. You just attract the attention of opposite sex. The way you enjoy being a center of attention is magnetic. To those who you love and cherish, you are generous, affectionate and reliable, but it leans to pride side, as you long for recognition. Being popular is important to you, even in a love affair. You need to be courted and your partner has to praise you, as you have a strong need to feel special. Also, being proud at all times of the person whom you are involved with romantically has pivotal significance in the way you choose them. That person needs to be one you are proud to show off to others.

Even though you are prideful and sometimes grande, your sincerity in love aren’t questionable. You like to impress at all times, but you aren’t unaware of other people’s deep, inner feelings. You want honest feelings in your relationship. You are disgust by pettiness, dishonesty, sneakiness. You are generous with your affections and possessions, and you love to share your good fortune with everybody, especially your intimate partner.

Those that you cherish often receive valuable gifts from you. So as to remain valued by you, these people must also be loyal, devoted and offer you lots of attention. In all the love affairs that you have, you remain the domineering partner. Hard aspects can render you too much of it,  incorporated with possessiveness.

One of the greatest wishes of a typical Venus in Leo is the acquisition of riches and material properties and even if that takes some other form due to other aspects of your Natal Chart, your propensity toward grande is always present. Even if you enjoy living the most luxurious life, you are capable of sacrificing yourself for those you love.

Hard aspects to Venus in Leo makes people envious, jealous, arrogant and an obsessed by sexual intimacy.

Famous people with Venus in Leo: singer Madonna, artist Andy Warhol , designer Pierre Cardin, and Coco Chanel, musician Amy Winehouse, politician George W. Bush, actors Tom Cruise and Gwyneth Paltrow, violinist Isaac Stern, film director Alfred Hitchcock




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