Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini Keyword: Fickle

The passionate energy of earthly and emotional planet Venus gets redirected in this placement, in an airy, intellectual Gemini. It reduces her stable devotion, which is why you can lack permanence in most of your involvements, but makes you curious, friendly and talkative. Venus refines your mind and renders it imaginative, almost poetic. You are rather detached and require much freedom. In order to feel close to someone you need to establish mental rapport and in the best case, to be able to speak immediately about your thoughts and perceptions with that person.

Your attractiveness comes from your quick wit and mental diversity and velocity of your mind, and significant other has to be intellectually stimulating to attract your attention. Sense of humor is one of the most desirable trait for your lovers. Mental bond with someone is prerequisite to romance. You are real sapiosexualone to whom intelligence is the most sexually appealing quality (and that’s emphasized more than in Sun in Gemini). Venus in Gemini can easily be translated as Mind Love, and the flirtatious nature of this planet gets most prominent in the Gemini.

You have lighthearted approach to the matters of love, and what you avoid the most are intense, hard commitments. You can’t stand a routine in love relationships. You just have so wide spectrum of interests (music, books, travelling, always meeting new people) that focusing on one person is rather difficult, if not impossible to you. That’s what brings some coolness into your relationships, more so with your cold reasoning. Luckily for you, no one can stay angry at you too long as you are extremely funny, clever and charming. You delight, disappoint and delight your partners over and over again. In order to last, you have to feed relationship by power of your imagination, and it needs to constantly be revitalized by contrast of ideas, or even conflicts.

With all that range of your interests, your goal is to experience as much as you can, tasting all possible life has to offer. You have a deep understanding of love – your insights of love are profound, but the same can’t actually be said for your emotions. Even if you are probably competent and like to talk about love and relationship, it tends to remain solely in the vast mental space of yours: as you’ve visualized ideal partner many times, you tend to idealize people of your interests. It’s not unheard for the Venus in Gemini to enter a love affair just because of an idea of love, or even just out of curiosity, and to end up with a disappointment. Your love attractions, strongly fueled by thoughts only, without much physical involvement, tend to be short-lived because of your changeable nature. It doesn’t, however, save you from being jealous. Yes, you can have intense jealousy attacks, but they vanish as soon as new source of your interest presents itself. Even if your Sun is in steady Taurus or emotional Cancer, your attitude toward love is more wary, outwardly seen by others as reserved or fickle.

You are a people person, thus you have numerous friends. You also probably have more than one group of friends. And more likely, all of these groups consider you part of them, because you are somewhat of a chameleon. Venus in Gemini makes you an amusing company that can debate on any subject. That will probably attract more than one admirer, and you enjoy having them. You have pleasing manners but you don’t like to be formal. Your social style is playful. Always curious about people and relationships among them, you like to communicate and brainstorm. You like attention and you’ll easy entertain the group with variety of the subjects you are interested in, but you’ll also keep some emotional distance and detachment. That’s why others can label you as superficial and unfaithful, especially so if you don’t have fixed planets, in particular personal planets in your Natal chart. But you just like to keep it playful!

This position refers not only to many friends and associates, but it can also present more than one lover. You are capable of keeping multiple love affairs during the same period of time, because in anything you do, you enjoy excitement, fun and danger of it. It is also possible that you’ll have more than one marriage during lifetime.

Your relationship to money is very similar to this in love. You can be very carefree and easy on spending money. It also wouldn’t be unusual for Venus in Gemini to think about possible alternative ways of earning money. Because of your both prompt intelligence and social skills if you were opted to be a con-artist, you’d realize that you have a natural gift. Whether you’re actually going to take that road or not, depends, of course, on other aspects of your Natal chart and on the level of their involvement.

Famous people with Mercury in Gemini include: poet William Butler Yeats and poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, fashion designer Pierre Cardin, actress Sophia Bush, , writer Henry David Thoreau, singer Cher, diplomat Henry Kissinger




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