Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn Keyword: Dedicated

Capricorn brings seriousness, commitment, maturity in this position of Venus – planet of love, beauty and charm. So, if you have this placement, your keywords are couscous, serious and dutiful, both in love and everything else. Since Capricorn has saturnian maturity, this position expresses itself in two different ways in more and in less mature people.

In less mature people Capricorn can squeeze life out the Venus – love. They can hold that you can equally easy fall in love with a rich as you can with a poor. These people make love with numbers and aren’t capable of expressing emotions spontaneously. Every move is well-calculated and always in the direction of a self-interest. Love thought wallet, in a nutshell.

But, the higher type of this combination are hard-working people who epitomize willpower,
concentration and enterprise, with a rare gift for organization. As you mature, your experience, self-control and ambition will become your most attractive traits. You always think things through before decision, as you do with a people before you invest yourself into relationship. Your responsible attitude toward life will probably quickly elevate you to an executive position. Both higher and lower type, though, find stability trough wealth and success and Venus expresses that Capricorn traits on the love plane.

Your charm is in competence and authority you exude. And as you like to keep yourself private, the more intriguing you become for the people who are interested in you. But, you’ll always keep love as a separate compartment whom you pay attention to only after earthly duties are done: after organizing your work, income and position. Uncertainty of life makes you insecure, and you can’t relax until you’ve finalize your responsibilities.

It doesn’t mean you think love isn’t important: love is also a serious business. You’d never rush into permanent liaisons. You also would never risk to be rejected due to premature advances. You have to be sure that person is worth your efforts, and those down-to-earth and practical you find appealing. Resourcefulness and hard work are preferable traits, whilst you’re really attracted to prosperity. You highly value self-made people, but your expectations are realistic. You are discriminating and your standards are high, but you don’t expect perfection – just someone perfect for you.

Even you give and impression of coolness and detachment, you wish to share your life with someone. You’ll try to hide that shyness is often standing on your way. But when you do commit, you are loyal and dependable. Your partner will always know what you think, and the person who knows what they want out of relationship will find the stability with person conservative in love as you are. It’s just very hard for you to show, but you have deep feelings of affection and tenderness. You are also very sensual person, sometimes even lusty, but it’s not visible to others. You repress your emotions, particularly in company.

You have strong desire to be respected and esteemed. In public, you act reserved and prideful, and people can see you as snobbish (yet, successful!). You are also concerned how your relationship is viewed by others as you have social status or/and business reputation to think of. You’d never do something to risk them. In everything you do, you tend to build things to last and keep in mind legacy that you’re gonna leave behind.

Developing sexual relationships takes much time. As well, many of the Venus in Capricorn individuals actually develop their sexuality somewhat later than usual. Because of your serious attitude, you could marry much older or much younger partner, who you feel responsible for. In the same manner, if you don’t marry rich, you are the one who provides security, including material comforts. In general, the later you marry, the better chances of success relationship has, due to maturation task Saturn imposes to your love life trough Capricorn.

Venus in Capricorn brings dichotomy to the sexuality: being an earth sign, your sexuality is rather passionate, but you can’t let your emotions flow, so it’s kept separated from your rational attitude. But, you aren’t the person for one night stand, and flashy but shallow people with no substance you don’t consider material for quality connectionYou’re rather traditional in love and the players don’t appeal to you.

Your fear of insecurity and rejection can provoke jealousy in you. You are the one who keeps it cool in a relationship, and one who dislikes any kind of drama, but jealousy can at times overwhelm your normally so steady mind. Usually, there isn’t any basis in reality for this fears. You think that relationships need hard work and investment too, and you’d never run away from responsibilities and hardships. Nevertheless, with Venus in Capricorn, there will always be a danger that you or your loved one will settle in a routine dedicated to outside interests that leads to mutual alienation, indifference and finally rejection. If rejection happens, you react with complete coldness, and once slighted, you never forget.

Venus in Capricorn people are relentless, and that makes most of you with this placement rather influential and wealthy, mostly in later years. Your ambition can result in possessing fine house, but not home. Try not to deprive your close ones of emotions, especially your children, due to too many practical considerations. You aren’t the most social person in the world, but you are the one who helps his friends get a leg up and prosper in the world. You’ll probably meet a lot of your nearest friends trough some kind of business collaboration.

Moral rectitude is consider a higher good, and you highly value conduct of behavior that contribute to it: steadfastness, hard work and loyalty. You are very discriminating in your choices, starting of with friends, entertainment, music, clothes. It’s possible that you’ll go trough major look transformation in order to look refined and polished. You like stylish but classic things, but you’re never extreme and flashy. You strive for high quality and status, but you are rather frugal and cautious considering money spending. You prefer to save for a rainy day.

Famous people with Venus in Capricorn: singer Elvis Presley, entrepreneurs Steve Jobs and Aristotle Onassis, actors Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt and Clark Gable, composer Ludwig van Beethoven, filmmaker Walt Disney and David Lynch, Eva Braun and Pablo Escobar, writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky, mystic Grigori Rasputin, politician Benjamin Franklin




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