Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer Keyword: Sensitive

Venus in Cancer is among most emotional and emotionally perceptive placements. You are caring to others, and because of your sympathy, when you devote yourself to someone you do that whole-heartedly. You exude a quiet charm and your sensitiveness makes you are a good listener, and your emotional receptiveness equipped you with an ability to hear the unspoken fears, desires and heartaches of others. Idealistic as you are, you know what longing is, as you’ve yearned a lot yourself and you can both express it poetically and recognized it, not just in people, but in everything you see.

You react strongly to the harsh treatment of others, and you get easily hurt. When this happens, you can have a tendency to mask that by pretending not to care. For this reason you are perfectly aware what can hurt not just you, but others too, and always present consciousness of your vulnerability makes you go somewhat slower through life. You prefer associating with people who function in and understand your watery world – world of emotions. As you mature and learn to deal with the depth of your feelings, you’ll navigate better and better through that waters and the support to others you like providing so much will improve in quality and directivity. All this traits make a great teacher, nurse… or even a nun/monk, and even more so with your gift of eloquence. If you don’t have people whom to care for, you’ll tend to care for the whole humanity. Devoting to God is the ultimate way of expressing your need for love.

The need for love is life priority to you, but because of the Cancer shell, it can be hidden under reserved attitude. However, you aren’t blind in romantic matters. As you need security to feel free and blossom, you’ll always take in consideration the material part of your romantic situation. A person who can give you love and materially protect you is one who you consider attractive. A Venus in Cancer male, for example, will put a proposal on hold until they are sure that they are financially stable to support the marriage. A female Venus in Cancer will ensure that their future is not poor or spent trying to support their significant other. You like your partner to be demonstrative in showing love to you. When you feel secure in your relationship, you are also sensual and demonstrative.

Propensity to mother your mate can be an obstacle in your relationship. Another threat for Venus in Cancer people is your softness – you can easily be manipulated by your close ones. You have no defense against aggressive family members or friends who impose upon you. This is the reason why you need emotionally stable and positive surrounding even more, not just to blossom but to function well at all. If you don’t have it, you tend to bottle up your feelings behind taught exterior, until eventually it causes you physical difficulties. In those cases you can have a stomach and digestive problems that can be difficult to diagnose.

Don’t be mistaken, however, Venus in Cancer can be harsh too, depending not just on other planetary positions but treatment they’ve received. Because they are aware what hurts the most, they know where to cut. No coldness of an Aquarius, vengefulness of a Scorpio, nor quick wit of a Gemini can be measured to capability of Venus in Cancer to fight back an emotional assault. And maybe even more so when they defend their loved ones.

Interestingly enough, even if you find love and relationship to be so important, you would prefer to wait for it, not to chase it. As you believe in eternal cycle of life that provides us with what we need in the right time, you also have a deep seated faith – and sometimes too much so – that true love is the gift of God (or destiny). That is why you find so hard to reject advances – your need for love combined with cosmic sense and someone’s attention to give love – it’s irresistible to you. But this kind of selections of a romantic affairs could lead you to trouble at times.

Even though you love to nourish and care for your loved ones emotionally and physically, physical part for the most part remains in your honest wish. And even when you don’t fulfill your part of the material and physical work predefined for the role that you have in a relationship, your partners tend to forgive you because of your endless patience and devotion for their emotional wellbeing. When hurt by partner, your silent treatment can be expected.

Secret love affairs are not unheard of in this placement, because of your married people appeal. They’ve been already disillusioned by their spouses and you’re attracted by their maturity built up on that experiences. You can have associates and friends of a lower social status and/or choose a career inferior to your talents and capacity. You have a secret wish to live an elegant life. Sometimes you can be self-indulgent, but wastefulness is not by any means your trait.

Real-estates can bring you money benefits, and even though you are naturally reserved person Venus in Cancer can render you a public figure. But you love beauty, art, literature and music and these are fields especially suitable for known members of this placement. With difficult aspects you can cling to others, be too shy and prone to make emotional scenes. Additionally, challenging positions can point to instability because of which you feel as though you don’t have a permanent identity.

Famous people with Venus in Cancer: writers Ernest Hemingway and Marquis de Sade, actress Judy Garland , Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie, musicians Kate Bush, Lenny Kravitz and Robert Plant, scientist Nikola Tesla, psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, actor Keanu Reeves




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