Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries Keyword: Demonstrative

With your Venus in Aries you are a magnetic person whose energetic and daring quality is rather attractive. You flirt readily and rather directly and subtlety is not your thing. It can turn to negative side if you become impatient or aggressive. You are restless, full of ideas and an initiator who avoid being static. These characteristics may actually be very seductive or they can be overwhelming – if you become too blunt or pushy you can drive others away from you. You probably have already been labeled as intensive in one point or another in your life. That’s both good and bad trait of yours. Just avoid topic whose main subject is “I, me and myself”.

Venus in Aries self-centeredness has two way of manifesting itself. The positive one is through your independent, individualistic, pioneering spirit who is resourceful and enterprising. The other is your domineering attitude, impatience toward weaker, insecure, especially people who lament, and tendency to brag. This selfish quality contradicts your sentimentality. No one could expect that your emotions are actually easily hurt.

In a crowd Mercury in Aries stand out because of an outgoing and sociable nature. Your child-like charm comes from your fun-loving nature, innocent vibe and constant quest for adventure. Your perspective of life is positive and optimistic and you know how to present your “image”. Often this position gives you creative and artistic strike, which also helps you to package yourself well in social environment. Unfortunately, even though you are creatively gifted, you seldom really express yourself in some form of art, because you usually don’t have either time or patience, or both.

In matters of love, your strongest driving force is an idea of a new romance. You are in love with love. Physical appearance of a potential mate is important to you, and sloppy appearance or vulgar behavior repels you. You are the type that falls in love at the first sight. When this happens, you don’t let love opportunities easily slip away and you pursue it with remarkable dedication. But be aware that Las Vegas flamboyant wedding chapels were probably built for people with Mercury in Aries. Even though you follow your heart, after instant attraction you also need mental compatibility, which would take more time to be proven as true. That is when head takes on lead role in decision-making. Enter into relationship too heedlessly can cause you trouble (and it’s the reason why people with this placement happens to marry young). Losing interest too quickly can cause heartache to another person. Ardent fire and cool detachment is a state you fluctuate between and your partners never know where they stand, and it can sometimes be cruel. In order to avoid this, you need someone competitive in love as you are. You’re just not stimulated by domestic, mature, static relationships.

Even though you long for security in love, when you achieve it, you resent restrictions it imposes on you. In love, you simply need something to conquer and always to be challenged to do so. Good mental sparring partner who know how to balance your need to lead in a relationship, letting you be a dominant one (but just) from time to time, is one who could eventually fulfill your idealistic conceptions of love and life. However, it is more likely that perfection you’re searching for actually doesn’t exist at all. That’s another reason why your affairs fail to last. No affair lasts for very long because your loved-ones have very little hope of meeting your standards of perfection. People can perceive you as fickle especially if your Mercury has difficult aspects.

Person of your love interest should know that spontaneity and playfulness should always take a place of little games of power, indirectness and mind analysis, because those latter contradict to everything you like. In return they will probably receive unexpected gifts from you.

Finally, if you do choose to commit to one person and to settle down, you will forcefully and even aggressively defend your relationship and do everything to fight of any potential rivals. You would never accept the role of a second fiddle.

Advice: You should learn learn to understand the feelings of other people and be more tolerant to sensitive ones.

Famous people with Mercury in Aries include scientist Albert Einstein, industrialist Oskar Schindler, actor Harvey Keitel , defense Minister Moshe Dayan, film-maker Francis Ford Coppola , composer Franz Joseph Haydn




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