Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius Keyword: Detached

Born with Venus in Aquarius you are unconventional, autonomous and free-spirited person who rather directs love toward many than toward one person. You live by your own rules, and want other to see you as unusual and unique. Your open-minded and friendly approach can render you immensely popular. On the other hand, your future-oriented, extravagant attitude can be rebellious and somewhat provocative. You need intellectually stimulative partner that will give you a lot of freedom.

You are charitable person who loves people, but in detached way. You’re not actually emotional person. For the most people, love usually ends in marriage or cohabitation, but Venus in Aquarius makes you crave much more than that. Love to you is more an idea than an emotion. You visualize it as a broad, sweeping, exciting, reforming, universal force—which it seldom is in ordinary relationships. You want a perpetuation of the romance, the novelty, the excitement—and sooner or later, you realize this is possible only by loving humanity as a whole or loving a supreme being.

You’re a strange one in many ways, nowhere near as open and shut as you seem. You are one of fate’s chosen victims. Odd things happen to you, out of the blue. There some karmic duality in you: you don’t like following rules, but you make more than a few of yours. You are open-minded, but you tend to have very definite opinions, you can even be fanatical in your attitudes – in particular considering love, beauty, possessions. As much as you try to be open and sincere, you are usually forced into secret relationship, clandestine affairs or something of that kind.

You search for unusual or unconventional relationship, regardless if that’s acceptable to society you live in. Your love interest arises quickly, but it doesn’t always last long. Your need significant other who can be both friend and lover, and from whom you derive mental stimulation along with broad-spectrum of interests. You have an extraordinary capability for discerning character. Your intuition cuts through the poses of personality right into the heart of the individual.

You aren’t possessive person, and you need a lot of freedom in relationship, a lot more than other people. You will naturally run away from anyone who wants to tie you down. Believing that both of you should remain individuals, you also give another person a lot of freedom. You can’t live in hard, obsessive relationship based on intense emotions, therefore more emotional types will see you as cold and detached. But, you actually wish friendship-like love affair, where there’s no need to express affection passionately or display it at all, as you find it a little bit awkward. Too sentimental, clingy people, as well as self-centered one, turn you off. You want a partner who’d love you for your intellect and future-oriented visions. Because of your progressive and futuristic views , you were probably meeting people online while your friends still hold that’s taboo.

You like emotionally well self-controlled people and as many people don’t remain so controlled when it comes to intimate affairs, you tend to enjoy platonic relationships. Second reason for propensity toward platonic affairs is that sexual relationship is more emotionally engaging. You have a cultured and intellectual approach that appeals to deep thinkers.

You delight in meeting people and make friends very easily. You probably have a wider circle of acquaintances than anyone else in your family, apart from those with the Sun in Aquarius. You enjoy chatting to strangers, too, and will arrive home occasionally with some poor person (doesn’t matter if it’s male or female) who needs a bed for the night. You often attract bohemian and arty types of friends, or quirky geeks whose ideas may not jell with society’s. Your own views are somewhat unconventional and ahead of the times, and you delight in discussing them with similar minded individuals. You are admirably tolerant of all beliefs. Only kind of people you can’t accept is ones who are self-centered and put too much value to personal feelings. You really prefer to have a lot of friends than one deep personal attachment.

However, some people can perceive your detached, intellectual approach as attempt to demonstrate your mental superiority. On the other hand, your lover will appreciate that you never put yourself first, although, you should remember to put them first from time to time. Nevertheless, in relationships you’re always responsive when appealed to common sense by your partner, as you are objective and fair, and it’s openness and fairness what you expect in return. You truly value your freedom and you prefer having a love partner who allows to the liberty to explore varied things in life including meeting new friends and trying new hobbies.

As Aquarius is a sign of progress, hopes and wishes, Venus will probably allow you to realize most of your hopes and wishes. But it would most likely happen after somewhat later in life or when you retire from active work.

Famous people with Venus in Aquarius: singer Janice Joplin, artist Yoko Ono, model Kate Moss, writers J.R.R. Tolkien and Carlos Castaneda, Anti-Christ (according to Astrodatabank), apothecary and reputed seer Nostradamus, Catholic pope Pope Francis, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, president Franklin D. Roosevelt, philosopher Rudolf Steiner, TV host Oprah Winfrey, musician Elton John, composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, scientist Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking




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