Ok, this is no bull. If you’re a typical Taurus, you accept people as they are, are very loyal to your friends, and have lots of common sense. You hate it when things around you seem superficial or fake… and that applies to objects as well as people. And you may as well know that as a Taurus, you might very well be one of the most levelheaded, well­ adjusted people around. Could be ’cause you’re an earth sign, which translates into having a very down-to-earth approach to life. But this doesn’t mean you’re so stable and rock steady that you’re never up for cutting loose. In fact, Taureans are also known for their full­ on love for having loads of fun.

TaurusSymbol: Taurus
Element: Earth
Polarity: Negative
Favorite color: Purple
Sensitive body parts: Neck, Throat
Counterpart in Chinese: Snake
The ruling planet: Venus
Intersection/Quality: Fixed
House: Second
The opposite sign: Scorpio
Amulet: Emerald


When you’re given the option to take your time with whatever it is you’re focusing on, you’re sure to make your mark. You have an amazing ability to remain very tuned in to what needs to be done. Being left to figure things out for yourself is a much better learning method for you than being hurried and rushed by those around you. Like your sign’s symbol, the bull, you are productive and powerful when you’re given the chance to set your own pace. You also crave having fun but you shouldn’t become so caught up in the festivities that you lose track of the stuff that’s really important. Make sure you devote time to the serious things (like school) that’ll help you get ahead down the road. By exhibiting a little more of your serious side and by adding a dash of self discipline to the scene, you will be on your way to making some of your lifetime dreams come true.


You’re often the first to run to the rescue when things flare up among family members. While it’s cool to try to keep the peace, don’t let your goodwill-ambassador status prevent you from making yourself heard when some­thing’s really annoying you. You are prone to bottling up what’s bugging you. This can result in a major out-of-the-blue blowup that throws everyone for a loop. If you speak up when something’s rubbing you the wrong way, you’re likely to have a much smoother situation at home.


A nose-to-the-grindstone girl, you’re pretty serious about your studies. You work hard at your homework and your “slow and steady wins the race” approach to all things academic tends to serve you much better than trying to cram the night before big tests like some of your friends do. Your ultimate study environment is a familiar place where you repeatedly park yourself. A calm and orderly desk at home or a tucked-away table at a library give you the kind of space you need.


It’s your down-to-earth attitude that wins over all your pals. When those supersensitive friends of yours start to freak, you’re the one who helps them put things back in perspective. You also have an uncanny ability to make even the most boring events seem special. You may not have a huge circle of friends, but that’s because you’re pretty selective about who makes the cut. You value friends who are as loyal and dependable as you are, so you prefer to opt for quality over quantity. Among your best pals, your diplomatic nature is put into action when conflict arises and you’re put at the helm to calm a crisis and increase the peace.


While you’re into being active, you may not be all that fast on your feet. Tap into your earthy personality by taking to the trails. Hiking, backpacking, mountain-biking – any activity that puts you in touch with the great out­doors is right for you. You’d also be a natural at playing a defensive position for a soccer, softball, or basketball team. Oh, and when you’re in full snack-attack mode, go ahead and give in… as long as you burn it off later by doing something sporty.


OK, we don’t want to sound too superficial here, but Taureans are totally associated with money and material goods. Since you’re born under a sign that’s said to be cash savvy, why not look to jobs that concern themselves with currency? Good career investments for you could be jobs in the banking industry or on Wall Street. Doesn’t sound like your scene? Other options that make the most of your sign’s strengths include jobs that allow you to be heard. Your voice is an asset, so a job as an interviewer, news anchor, or just about any position in the field of broadcasting could be up your alley. Other options worth considering include becoming an artist, sculptor, actor, fashion designer, singer, or real estate agent.


Spend some time on your own.
Stay superfocused in order to achieve your goals.
Pair up with a new pal, which could lead to a great opportunity.
Prepare for getting some special recognition at school.


Open yourself up to learning from the people in your life. While at first their suggestions may seem kind of lame, you may just discover that their advice is actually very grounded and worth following. Also, it may seem like an authority figure is standing in your way but it could be that he or she is just trying to keep you from making a bad decision. If you end up feeling stuck in a rut and are thinking about busting out of it by doing something risky, don’t! It’ll only lead to you having to talk your way out of a situation at home. To avoid upsetting things on the homefront, focus on schoolwork and future plans instead.

At your best, you’re seen as someone who is:

  • Dependable, Patient, Attentive, Artistic, Resourceful

At your worst, you come across as someone who is:

  • Slow-moving, Insensitive, Stubborn, Prone to procrastinating, Easily embarrassed

Your sign is associated with:

  • Prosperity, Harmony, Security, Determination, Cautiousness




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