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I’m continuing this series with Taurus Real Horoscope…that’s a tough one!

Remember, other planets position (Ascendant, Moon, Venus, Mars) would give more information, so you can make FREE NATAL CHART and learn more about specific person. Stay tuned, more Astro Guides are coming!

Have you run into constant and single-minded Taurus? You’ll know it when you do. The Bull is solid-impenetrable, even. He has no armor you can chink, no rungs you can climb, and no peripheral vision that I know of. This tunnel vision is how you can take advantage of Taurus. Unless you plot something within his line of vision, he won’t see it. So you can get away with it. Taurus can be found anyplace he can flaunt his solidity and traditionalism, such as:
• An office building, plugging away at his job
• The Rotary Club or Junior League, listening patiently to the featured
• A bank, either making a deposit or refusing a loan application
• In a car, fantasizing about exceeding the speed limit so he can
get home as soon as possible

Beware of Obstacles

Beneath Taurus‘s easy-going and laid-back facade lies a formidable opponent. Taurus doesn’t take action because he doesn’t need to. His defense system and bull-like solidity are all he needs to protect himself from little pitchers who try to manipulate him. Whether your Bull is a friend, lover, or employer, read on to find out the obstacles you must bore your way through.

The Taurus Barricade of Pragmatism

When you want something from Taurus, ask yourself: Is it practical? If it isn’t, make it seem so. Far-flung and fanciful schemes are as foreign to the Bull as compassion is to an IRS auditor. Present a practical, realistic plan. For something to be real, Taurus must be able to see it, touch it, eat it, or deposit it in a high-yield mutual fund. For example, you want to convince your Taurus husband to put a fountain in the backyard. You need to:
• Have a plan
• Present it in a concrete way
• Approach Taurus in plenty of time
Specifically, approach Taurus in the autumn to be ready for construction in the spring. Have the plans drawn up, estimate the cost and how you’ll pay for it, and show him the architect’s full-color elevations. Then give him time to think about it.


Plan ahead, and don’t push for an answer.

The Detour

This is yours because Taurus takes no detours or side trips. Taurus is like a fanatic driver who targets her vacation destination and won’t stop for anything frivolous (like bathroom breaks or food and water). On the road of life, Taurus won’t change plans once she gets going, so you’d better figure out a creative way to reach your goals without trying to get your Bull to change hers.


Learn to sidestep Taurus when she’s entrenched which is always.

The Taurus Wall of Single-Mindedness

Taurus’s tunnel vision means he won’t notice what you’re up to
when you’re manipulating him. So just carry on with your plotting and
planning. Chances are, he won’t catch you. And even if he does, you
won’t hear about it until your mission is accomplished.

Astrologically Incorrect, Terry Marlowe




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