Moon in Taurus

Taurus Moon

Taurus Moon – The Kind-hearted Hedonist

Taurus Moon people are intuitive and very impressionable. They absorb the feeling of things to begin with rather than the idea of them. Being feminine sign, they are receptive,  more passive than active. No instant decisions and reactions exist for them—they like to quietly and leisurely digest all impressions before reaching a conclusion. But when they make up their mind, it’s for keeps. Taurus Moon stick to their principles and are very strong-willed. These people are pleasure-seekers, what also makes them pleasure to be around. They seek solid: solid life, solid people, solid pleasures…

The greatest goal that the Taurus Moon seeks to achieve is prosperity or simply well being in all that they engage in. “Feeling good” is very important to this earthly Moon people. They tend to strive the acquisition of both tangible properties and spirituality in order to feel secure and happy and comfort those around them. Since Moon is exalted in Taurus, chances are great that they actually acquire it all.

Even if that isn’t so obvious due to the other planetary positions, unmistakable trait of the Moon in Taurus people is that they react calmly to all new experiences and keep stability faced to the challenges. They are emotionally well balanced. Although their character may be affected by the overall positioning of the Moon in the zodiac, these people are generally positive and fortunate. Their character tend to be built slowly, but steady. They retain habit patterns for a long time, which can result in stubbornness or laziness, or make them stuck in a routine.

Venus is the ruling planet (goddess) of the Taurus. This means that she adds a touch of artistic nature and sensual qualities to these people. As a result, they are able to appreciate the fine things in life as well as that which they already have in their possession. In addition to material things, these people often seek to build quality friendships, love or any other relationships. This position makes them very warm, affectionate and deeply romantic. Thoughtful, kind and gentle, these people are loyal partners that will stand by their mate through thick and thin. However, it isn’t unheard that they test the relationship themselves, to be sure that they have equally loyal partner. Their senses of taste and touch are highly developed and they may overindulge their appetite for comfort, food and sex.

The Taurus Moon is a dedicated lover of cozy environments that are representative of the home. As such, they invest in their homes by making them as warm and serene (and not rarely – classy) as they possibly can. They have an eye for high quality and unique things, and tend to collect things. A typical Taurus Moon will derive happiness and satisfaction from being seated in a quiet space that is filled with nice things. They need time for a quiet reflection.

They are also very welcoming people so they are pretty easy to get along with. Among their favorite items are music, works of art and sweets. Even though they may not be wealthy themselves, they have influential or affluent friends. It is not riches only that matter to them, but rather acquiring all pleasures given by life on Earth as travel, friends, art, good times and food – that is their driving force. If aspects suggest otherwise (more spiritual oriented individual – Moon in 9th House) this trait is manifested in a simple fact that people with Moon in Taurus find security in constant, unchangeable, predictable situations. They are deeply nostalgic and these yearnings are satisfied by the constant stirrings of their memory.

They can give an impression that they must retain the same social or financial status in order to be your friend, but the truth is that they prefer the same level of sincerity! Since material things can be important to these individuals, it is fortunate that this Moon position brings good business sense – either it is used or not. However, a keen analysis of these people proves that actually happiness is what they desire most, and that they are aware of this. While this is linked to affluence, spirituality has a considerable contribution as well. Their aspiration is to be honest and loyal people. If the life conditions are favorable, they tend to be very kind and big hearted so they are likely to engage in charitable projects or community development missions.

Since these people are generally happy, they always attract other people close. They, however, have a side that is reserved that others may mistake for being shy. In many social situations, they prefer to relax and watch rather than engage in the activity. Even so, they are graceful and welcoming; therefore, others find it quite easy to intermingle with them. A Taurus Moon does not require the validation of other people so as to feel complete so they tend to form genuine relationships. Their friendships are loyal and long lasting. Normally, they are very considerate of other people as well and tend to give others the attention that they may need. Nevertheless, they should be aware of the tendency toward possessiveness and control that can inhibit emotional flow.

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