Taurus Ascendant

taurus ascendant
taurus ascendant

Taurus Rising Sign

Taurus Ascendant – First House in Taurus

Taurus ascendant people are easy-going, steady, and your willpower and stamina, at least externally, are very admirable and pose a challenge to other people. The ruler of the Taurus is Venus, the planet of beauty and love who endowed you with social charm and love of comfortYour calmness makes you a pleasant person to be around, gentle at heart, and you never look for the trouble. You are pretty tolerant and slow to anger. Many lines needed to be crossed in order for you to be provoked. But, when it happens, your anger can be intimidating. Conflict provokes your stubbornness.

The same quality of the Bull is the force behind your determination to endure and stick to whatever task. Great energy potential that you have is rather latent, and being set in your ways is not what people notice first of you. Nevertheless, your presence silently radiate your inner stability. Your little, daily routines are what give you up: you find the sense of security in doing things in the same way.

However, nobody can push an Taurus Ascendant into anything. You are thorough in making plans, as well their execution, but that also mean that you want to do it in your own way – in that manner your pretty obstinate. However, you have a good common sense. You just need time to weigh all pros and cons before you reach your decision. When your mind is set, your will stick to your decision through thin and thick. However, you never impose your opinion on others. As well as you have yours, others are free to have their own.

Ascendant, our first house of the Natal chart, tells us how we start things. And you are not fond of change, not at all. Taurus is a fixed sign, resolute and determined and you need a plan and a finish line in order to concentrate. Snap and impulsive decisions are against your so firm nature. When directed in the right direction your Taurus earthly quality is also what renders you so trustworthy, dependable person who carry out responsibilities and a loyal friend. If misplaced, you can be indolent, too dependent on comfort and overly sensual.

You absorb the world with all your senses. Like a Cancer who does it by picking the “vibe”, your refined sense of smell, taste and touch is your gate to the world. You enjoy material world starting off with a gourmand meal and great sex. You may be on the chubby side because of the hedonism, and problem with weight grows with age. You also may seem to others as materialistic – you strive for money, but you do that in order to convert it into solid assets. Many of you are collectors of some kind. Many of you like gold – literally, and a gold mine would be perfect to have, to satisfy both your love of beauty and creature comfort and to sooth your need for security and stability. In fact, because of your fear of lacking money in the future, often without basis in reality, most of the Taurus Ascendant people accumulate wealth in one point of life.

In karmic astrology it is believed that people who are Taurus Ascendant didn’t pay attention enough to physical plane in previous lifetimes, and in this one they compensate it. So physical ease, luxury, leisure time appeal to you. That same quality of yours is behind your propensity toward cosy environments and talent in some kind of beautifying the physical world: composing music, writing, decorating or your love toward beauty in nature, music, literature or art.

Taurus ascendant tend to be are very cautious and careful people. Generally, all this traits give an impression that you are determined to achieve something, but with this Ascendant, Venus is a planet that strongly affects how ambitious or dynamic the person is. Comparing to Taurus Sun, you seem less lazy and less possessive. Common is the sensual approach to life, and a strong need for closeness, affection, and stability. You like nice and comfortable, and above all – quality clothes, and you don’t like to save money on your appearance.

When it comes to relationship, you are possessive but it’s likely that you hide it. Actually, you are all together rather secretive and reserved concerning your personal affairs. Jealousy is something less emphasised compared to your tendency to consider a partner a kind of a personal property. The reason behind it is your preference toward stable relationship. You hold that it’s serious business, and loyalty is at utmost importance for youSince you are naturally sensual people, satisfactory sexual life with your partner lightens the intensity of emotions that you pour into intimate relations. You value tranquility and harmony in it, but your love affairs tend to be more on the passionate side. It is very easy and comforting to interact with the Taurus Ascendants because their stability is inviting and warm. Your internal harmony is also very appealing to other people.

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