Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon – The Clandestine Paramour

The Scorpios generally hate being labeled so Scorpio Moon also they try their best to avoid being identified among other people. This trait is easily visible on their zodiac sign that embodies numerous elements. These include magi, a secret agent, a cryptographer and a concealed paramour. Classifying these people is often a difficult task. Once they notice your efforts in knowing who they really are, they evade you with all their might. Their greatest fear is being categorized or being perceived in a certain way.

They have an innate desire to understand the world and all its secrets without being branded. Their love for mystery is their driving energy for life. Similar to the Aries, this eight zodiac is ruled by the planet Mars. Its sign typically indicates recreation and transformation. It is the desire for the Scorpio Moon to transcend their current state in life. They aim at attaining beyond that which the typical human being can. Scorpio Moon people normally want to find liberty from the ordinary things and to get closer to the human soul. This desire is the push for their transformation as individuals into better persons.
During the medieval age, the traits of the Scorpios were represented by the alchemical expositions. These were used due their capacity to metamorphose base metal into gold. This transformation is almost magical. In the same manner, these people start in the ordinary state and engage in mundane things.

They, however, change into the unknown just like the alchemical treatises. An excellent example of this character is Kahlil Gibran. The traits of the Scorpios are usually expressed in varying ways. In matters related to spirituality, they tend to be very keen and to ask very elaborate questions. That deep inquisition allows them to know as much as they possibly can about a certain matter. It is thus no wonder that these people can become philosophical in nature. Even so, they like to maintain their freedom of thought, feeling and opinions and thus do not conform to the conventional ways of the society. They are keen about discovering their authentic and genuine selves without external assistance.

The desire to gain vast knowledge pushes the Scorpio Moon folks into exploring unfathomable things. Issues that seem to capture their attention the most include astrology, traditional cultures and meditation. Although their interests are dominantly mysterious, it would be safe to say that they are related to science. Finding the meaning of the world as it is disturbs their mind so they explore it earnestly. Their thirst for wisdom is often unquenchable but is crucial for them to attain success in life. An excellent illustration of this character is Alert Einstein who ventured into astrology. According to him, astrology was a science that offered immense knowledge and wisdom. Another example is Umberto Eco, an author who explored semiotics and other mysterious disciplines.

A typical Scorpio Moon is not talkative and can be generally described as an introvert. They are very cautious about opening up to the world lest they be labeled. They are only able to open up once you know them deeply and they get comfortable to be in your presence. When interacting with them, one is likely to notice that despite their silent nature, they are very alert about all the ongoing activities and cannot miss even the tiny details. Their very observant nature allows them to enjoy watching movies, the news, observing people and going to the theatres. Such activities allow them to see beyond the mundane things in life without getting involved in them directly. Hollywood characters that best fit in this category of the Zodiac include Warren Beatty, Gerard Depardieu, Francis Ford and Dustin Hoffman.

Interestingly, the Scorpio Moon people are authentic, artistic, rebellious and futuristic. These traits allow them to explore their artistic nature like Pablo Picasso did. Pablo is remembered for his creativity, immense passion for his work and a wild side that brought out the best in his art. To be precise, he was very keen about relationships and wanted to establish the perfect kind of love. All these traits that he is remembered for are attributed to the Scorpio Moon sign under which he was categorized.

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