Scorpio Ascendant

scorpio ascendant
scorpio ascendant

Scorpio Rising Sign

Scorpio Ascendant – First House in Scorpio

The rulers of Scorpio endowed your Ascendant with passion of Mars and the depth of Pluto: you are magnetic, and people either love you or hate you: but your presence can’t be ignored. Scorpio rising sign brings intensity and determination: there is immense depth below the surface, the dynamism that boils and roils, sometimes as a deep well of pain, and even though people can’t exactly put their finger on it, your energy and willpower exudes an air of mysterious authority, that can be intimidating. Even more so because you are rather secretive and self-controlled, while your piercing eyes seems to penetrate the human soul.

You are intriguing person and keen observer. Your strong, appealing sexual presence and magnetism draw people to you. Even though you tend to be lone wolf, your powerful aura makes you noticed without even saying or doing anything. Your talent for quick-witted scalding retorts and sarcasm along with habitual restraint that give you an air of inscrutability and poised intensity make you the type of person one unconsciously likes to have on one’s side.

You are bold and daring, but you never allow others to get close enough to really know you – you keep an invisible shield for the reason that isn’t enough mentioned in astrology books – you are emotional extremist. Your feelings run deep, but because of your aloof demeanor you are often misunderstood.

You are quick in speech and action, but you analyze situation in depth before making a move. You see right to the heart of the matter and you find answers to your questions when conversing with others through reading between the lines. Even though you are witty and charming conversationalist, you prefer to observe rather than talk much, letting others reveal themselves and their true motives, unraveling any deception or hidden psychological curve. Others are always left unsure about what your true intentions are. As in anything you do, you don’t like to engage in weather or other small talks – you simply don’t do anything halfway and always go beyond superficiality.

Need to protect your privacy is yet another way in which your desire to be in control is expressed – that is what you need to feel safe. You like your home to be a secure castle, tidy and orderly, that reflects you. You are sensitive to the “vibes” of your surroundings, and your ability to feel out people, atmosphere and to intuitively unwrap situations also helps you to control your environment and anyone who get close.

You can be sarcastic and provoking, even biting and cruel. When provoked or hurt you become revengeful – your obsessive self-preservation urge is almost paranoid. It can also be expressed as reluctance to let anything go: material possessions, emotions or a person. That’s why you’re apt to be possessive and jealous. A lot of repressed emotions, in your case, always powerful and tempestuous, lead to sudden and violent outbursts of rage. It marks the point where your self-enforced restraint ends.

You are clever and resourceful and a shrewd speculator. You have great organisational skills and leadership quality – you are happiest when you lead behind the scenes – when being the power behind the throne. You work toward financial gain, and like mental and physical challenges. Strategies are your specialty and many of Scorpio ascendant people have a strong drive to succeed. But you should be aware not to become obsessed with power and it’s only you and your self-analysis who can protect you and others from that: your domination is subtle, rather unnoticeable to others. You domineering style is more about mind control – manipulation, not force.

However, if needed in order to achieve your goals, besides using subtlety, you’d use force as well- you’d even stake your life to accomplish your aim. You are one of the Zodiac’s most steadfast and determined types. No one could talk you out when your decision is made. You can work under strain and pressure for remarkably sustained periods. Being single minded in your efforts, people perceive you as a cool and aloof. Balancing your emotions and the face you present to the world, reconciling your inner contradictions, is a task out of which you exit with a great integrity.

More than any other Rising sign, Scorpio ascendant delivers strong karmic task. There is a three types of Scorpio, levels of the soul development that every Scorpio needs to master on it’s way to fulfillment and happiness: the vengeful Scorpio, self-destructive Lizard, and the Eagle, or Phoenix – the Soul-infused “Victorious One”.

Your Ascendant brings abrupt changes, sudden life transformations and struggles in your life. Difficulties in your life, whether physical, psychological or economic, are there to be your path from the lower to the higher type: from dark to light –  to reach the Harmony through the Battle. To become the Eagle or Phoenix.

One of the deepest yearning of your Ascendant is to be intimately involved with everything that surrounds you, with yourself, with that special One. But being suspicious and distrusting as you are, you have hard time opening yourself to others and to life experiences without feeling as a victim or victimizer. It is the burden of the second Scorpio type level – the Lizard: the creature who hides from life to fulfil its obsessive needs through self-destructive actions. Your thirst for power and control, the dark, destructive urges that emerges from the fear, are repressed in unconscious, and should be taken out to the light of consciousness. Then, when you overpower Scorpio’s lower self, transformation into higher type awakens your immense capacity to come in touch with the Universe, to become one with significant One, to love, to bond with tremendous loyalty.

What once was striving to possess power over others, becomes ability to share regenerative energy and heal others. It also renders great creative energy, often artistic. Higher type can also develop intuitive powers to the extend of a psychic ability. It is said that karmic goal of the Scorpio ascendant is to master the principle of mind over matter: to understand what real power – something so important for you – is, and that it emanates from depth within yourself. Then you’ll have unparalleled ability to help others face and beat their demons, overcome life obstacles and earn integrity resulting in happiness.

Whatever happens in your life, you’ll overcome it, recuperate yourself with enormous regenerative power of yours, defeating physical, psychological, financial adversities that would ruin most people – you are a survivor. However, the evolution of the Scorpio-type person depends largely upon extremes of experience. Just as you plunge into the depths of carnal enjoyment and gratification, so you are impelled to soar to the mental heights sometimes associated with mysticism.

Once committed to the relationship, Scorpio ascendant expects it to be now and forever. You tend to become consumed by love, sometimes using sex as a weapon. You need reassurance every day, as you are constantly scared of betrayal and abandonment. You are committed and want the same in return. As a result, you have zero tolerance for partners who are inconsistent. You often increase in wealth and influence through marriage.

It is said that, if you’ve once fallen in love with Scorpio ascendant, you’ll never forget them. It may turn into love/hate connection, but it never totally fades. They are just too intense – for better or for worse!

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