Like the centaur, your sign’s symbol, others perceive you as someone who is prepared, eager for adventure, and always on the move. A restless spirit, you are constantly pursuing your dreams and are bothered by things in life that seem to hold you back from achieving them. An idealistic girl by nature, you picture your future in a positive way and you can’t wait to get there! Parties and social events are made for you. Sagittarius brings tons of fun into the lives of lots of people and are quick to turn others on to the possibilities life has to offer. Your ability to get others to broaden their take on what they can accomplish in life is a skill that everyone around you admires. You’re bold, adventurous, and enjoy spending time with people who share your love of life. Your sense of humor helps diffuse tension among your friends. Your honesty makes you a good friend but sometimes you can be too up-front for your own good -this bluntness can deal up some serious blows.

SagittariusSymbol: Sagittarius
Element: Fire
Polarity: Positive
Favorite colors: Purple
Sensitive body parts: hips, thighs
Counterpart in Chinese: Rat
The ruling planet: Jupiter
Intersection/Quality: Mutable
House: Ninth
The opposite sign: Gemini
Amulet: Topaz


To really excel, you need an environment where you don’t feel pressured. When you feel as if you’re under the watchful eye of a teacher or parent, you’re inclined to withdraw from your studies. You benefit from guide­lines and schedules that are spelled out be­cause, left on your own, you tend to put off everything until the last minute and then have to work like crazy to get it all done. You need some rules but you can’t handle feeling tied down. Wait for all conditions to be just right before going after what you want. Hard work will pay off for you and bring lots of good for­ tune in the future.


When things get tense under your family’s roof, your sense of humor has been known to save the day. Just don’t put your sarcasm into overdrive. Sagittarius has a natural rapport with people from all age groups, so whether you’re trying to calm down the cousin who’s having a “terrible twos” attack or listening to the grandma who gabs too much, you’re the one the family is always happy to have around. But when it’s your turn to do chores around the house, you’re often quick to flee the scene. Try to help out a bit more. It could work to your advantage in the future.


People often make comments about where you choose to situate yourself for studying, but the reality is that you concentrate best when your surroundings are comfortable and offer plenty of fresh air. Confining classrooms can really get to you. But be careful of your tendency to stare out windows wishing you weren’t stuck in school or you might end up missing a big test announcement. When a field trip appears on the schedule of events, you’re the first to sign up. Exploring the world around you is one of the ways you tap into your creativity. Think about signing up for a geography or world history class. That way, on the days when you’ve gotta stay put, you can at least pretend you’re pulling out a passport!


You have a love of life that’s completely contagious. You’re likely to have a large circle of friends. If life were spent on an ocean liner, you’d be the cruise director. Supersocial, you love to set up spur-of-the-moment activities. But if anyone dares to act possessive toward you, watch out! You are likely to give ’em the old heave-ho! You hate to feel “owned” by anyone and will shake off friends who seem too clingy. Your need to feel free and unencumbered on the social scene makes it easy for you to get along with just about everyone. You are usually up for practically anything social and have a hard time saying no.


Team sports are where it’s at for those born under your sign. Work some weight training into you r routine between those group practices. You have a daring, adventurous streak and are just the kind of girl to sign up for a mountain trek or a downhill skiing event. Any sport that involves exploration, such as hiking, backpacking, cross-country skiing, or mountain biking, satisfies you r wandering ways. Splurge on some sporty new workout sneakers and then strap ’em on! Ditch the in­door workouts and gear up for the great out­doors.


You are fun-loving, laid-back, and need your freedom, so look for a job that’ll let you try new things. Sign up with a company that al­lows for plenty of advancement or opportunities to travel. You’d make a great travel agent, salesperson, entrepreneur, or professional athlete. Think about being an interpreter, foreign correspondent, or ambassador. Other options include becoming a publisher, judge, teacher, member of the clergy, or publicist.


Tap into your emotions to find the answer to a problem that’s been bugging you.
Get ready to receive lots of attention and praise.
Keep a lid on your spending style.
Give a friend a needed blast of confidence.


You may have to put in way more work than you anticipated in one of your favorite school subjects. Hang in there, though, because the results will be rewarding. Something will hap­pen socially that’ll allow you to shine. You will be given lots of opportunities to work hard and impress just about everyone!

At your best, you’re seen as someone who is:

  • Optimistic, Honest, Enthusiastic, Inspiring, Open to what others have to say

At your worst, you come across as someone who is:

  • Argumentative, Impatient, Indulgent, A risk taker, Not prone to planning ahead

Your sign is associated with:

  • Idealism, Travel, Justice, Intellect, Generosity




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