Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moon – The Practical Philosopher

The Sagittarius persona is one that is easily likeable by many people, so it’s true for Sagittarius Moon. This character is, however, very introverted but the inner intention is pure. Interestingly enough, they often don’t leave the impression of an introvert, ’cause a Sagittarius Moon has a deep passion for life. These people are often willing to fight for justice. They are usually very well behaved and find it in their purpose to help those that are in need, even when they have some internal struggles. They are very practical characters who love to look at things in a very philosophical manner.

It is their empathetic nature that allows them to interact well with other people and to offer wise counsel as well. Generally, the Sagittarius Moon characters are down to earth and very caring. These qualities make them very good and loyal friends and partners. It is also their natural desire to be victorious in life, so they tend to come to the defense of the weak in the community. Although their introverted nature often masks their true abilities, these people hold dearly their thoughts on truth, justice and leading purposeful lives. A typical Sagittarius Moon will engage themselves in activities that are linked to philosophy. These include politics, religion, humanitarianism or ecology. In addition to being philosophical, the activities are often very practical. At times, however, their interest in such activities may be limited because they are introverts. However, that does not indicate that they give up in their causes or convictions even when others oppose them.

Doing the right thing is the strength that lies in this Zodiac position. These people have little, if any, tolerance for wrong doing. While it is natural to think that they are tough on other people, it is worth noting that they can be hard on themselves as well. Often, they push themselves and others to follow values that are hard to abide with. If the ideals are not met, they always result into a state of self-doubt and reprimand themselves for not being perfect like they would wish. The ideals that they strive to live according may not be limited to philosophical principles. They seek perfection in relationships, at work, in their homes and even in minute things that may not necessarily matter to other people. They can even be compared to the Virgo Moon, this persona is very critical and looks at each fine detail hence they are perfectionists.

People who have keenly analyzed the Sagittarius Moon character can attest to the fact that they are very good at justifying their imperfections. After making a mistake, these people are very good at explaining and rationalizing it. They may even manage to convince the other party that they are not in the wrong. In fact, they make exemplary good advocates as they have the ability to argue almost anything out.

Dealing with a partner whose character lies in this Zodiac position requires much caution. This is because one needs to get a suitable approach to pinpointing their weaknesses. So as to achieve this, it is recommended that a partner tables a situation in a diplomatic manner. The partner must explain their perspective in a calculated way that highlights strength and pinpoints a weakness simultaneously. That way, it becomes easy to get their concentration without making them overreact. When accused wrongly, these people tend to give very strong responses. The same is likely to happen when Sagittarius Moon folks are criticized. If a person is sure about their wrongdoing, they need not be too careful as the desire for justice among the Sagittarius Moons is strong enough to allow them realize their mistakes.

One of the factors that a Sagittarius character values is the sense of dignity. If they feel that their dignity has been offended, they are likely to put up a long battle till they triumph over the matter. In private, however, they are likely to enter into self-doubt and to examine their actions closely. This keen analysis of their character is sometimes painful to them because they would never wish to promote injustices in the community. Too much analysis often makes them exaggerate the matter to an extent that they make themselves feel worse than they ought to and in the process, they are likely to veer off from the real problem. Once they get to this point, they become weary in their course leading to stagnation in their journey. Usually, after the realization of this inertia, they tend to quickly arise and move on from the matter. As would be expected, they get joy and satisfaction from proving to others of their wrong actions.

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