Sagittarius Ascendant

sagittarius ascendant
sagittarius ascendant

Sagittarius Rising Sign

Sagittarius Ascendant РFirst House in Sagittarius

In the world outlook of the Sagittarius ascendant, the world is escapade packed, there are new experiences awaiting them and the globe is filled with optimism. As such, these people are commonly identified by their gusto for life and unshakable conviction. They are often willing to venture into the unknown world of gigantic dreams with the hope of achieving great things in life. On the flipside, they are very poor at monitoring and evaluating their projects.

The Sagittarius ascendants  natives are very active people and are, therefore, generally restless. In most instances, they are likely to be attempting to figure out something that is unattainable. Upon coming to the realization that they could not grasp a certain matter, they go easy on themselves by forgiving their blunders. This ability of letting go makes them appear attractive to other people and they usually have much to tell to the world. When addressing other people, the Sagittarius rising bring-forth very captivating opinions but are usually not comprehensive.

As would be expected, these persons tend to have a judgment about all the on-goings. They take pleasure in stating to others who they are. However, not all the Sagittarius ascendant people are sociable but all of them radiate confidence in their actions and speeches. Other people are very likely to mistake their confidence for being too ambitious or inexperienced.

Of all their charming traits, the Sagittarius ascendant are made alluring by their desire and effort at maintaining their sense of funniness. They are able to keep up the cheer even when their current life circumstances are ghastly. Depending on the positioning of the ruling planet, Jupiter, these people are likely to express themselves in specific ways. An example of that is the Jupiter in Capricorn that may make a Sagittarius ascendant sarcastic. Despite the sarcasm, the ascendant is likely to have a high spirit and optimism for life.

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