Moon in Pisces

Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon – The Sensitive Mystic

Understanding and appreciating the Pisces Moon native is not instantaneous and may, therefore, require much time and effort. The Pisces are opposed to being branded in a certain manner but after several encounters with some of them, it becomes easier to pinpoint their mannerisms. Normally, they appear mysterious and tend to live in a different planet of their own. This state tends to arouse others into scrutinizing their special character and the process of understanding the Pisces becomes quite lengthy and intriguing as well. It is indisputable that Pisces Moon folks are normally profound in whatever they engage in.

As one delves into uncovering the real nature of the Pisces Moon, they realize that person with this Moon position conceals a lot. They tend to hold deep secrets to themselves and have numerous delicate traits. Of all the Zodiac signs, these are the most perceptive and responsive. It is thus no wonder that they have the strongest instincts and have clairvoyant endowments. The philosophical temperament and profound obscurity is linked to the fact that Pisces is governed by Jupiter, or Guru as is known in Sanskrit. (Some astrologers consider Neptune to be the ruling planet of Pisces. Prior to the discovery of Neptune, it was Jupiter, and still some astrologers consider Jupiter a co-ruler of Pisces.) The Pisces Moons are the kind that likes to engage in deep deliberation and this often takes place in solitude. A Pisces Moon native can ponder over one matter over a long period of time and shifting their attention from it may necessitate the application of external incentive. The process of bringing their mind to the normal state is not very easy as their level of inquisitiveness in matters in unappeasable. This makes them engage in troublesome thinking and exploration so as to unravel that which they seek to comprehend even when the issue is very straightforward. As a result, Pisces are fond of daydreaming and engaging in fantasies after the mind slips from the meditation mode and this is extremely difficult for non-Pisces to understand. The advantage of this aspect is that it allows the Pisces to generate a creative proportion and a crystal clear imagination that is very interesting to other people. In particular, when the shy Pisces discloses their clandestine issues, they become enchanting to listen to.

Being characters that are analytical of all situations, the Pisces Moons are often not quick to judge. Instead, they reflect on all dimensions of an issue prior to giving an ultimatum. In their perception, being overly critical is wise and it allows them to make sound decisions. That notwithstanding, they are not always too cautious about being wrong and can quickly divulge their errors of contemplation and deed. Additionally, they are considerate, munificent and can be very rational and theoretical about life’s occurrences.

One of the most striking qualities of the Pisces Moon is their even-tempered nature. The non-Pisces often tend to reach out to them for comfort and assurance when need be because they are naturally empathetic. A majority of other people firmly assert that the Pisces are kind hearted, understanding and have an intuition about what others need or want. However, these qualities are not easily visible to persons who are not keen because they are often hidden. The silent and tender lingo of the Pisces heart takes attention to decipher.

It is important for this Zodiac position not to let the unresolved situations build-up, but to confront the problems and deal with what everyday life puts in front of them. Another important issue is Piscean relationship with money.Even though they don’t care for it – nothing is embarrassing for cash. Money is like a Pisces: It swims in and out of our hands and it has symbolic value.

Figuratively, the Pisces Moon can be equated to ultimate juncture of soul maturity because it makes the Pisces Moons to be blasé in worldly possessions. They are similarly not interested in commonplace topics but rather indulge in the acquisition of eccentric information and pious ideals. Their burly intuition often gives them presentiments about issues and psychic capabilities. This aptitude is painless to detect during childhood because at that stage the societal norms have not invaded the ability to visualize things. At this level, a Pisces child can open up about their psychic talents if they have someone who they trust and are prepared to pay attention to them. Usually, a Pisces child dwells in a world that is filled with marvel and encouragement that may persist into adulthood. This state often triggers the creativity and originality that is typical of the Pisces Moon.

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