Pisces Ascendant

pisces ascendant
pisces ascendant

Pisces Rising Sign

Pisces Ascendant – First House in Pisces

People born with Pisces ascendant get easily swayed by the crowd. It appears that their aphorism for life is always follow the voice of the majority. Their movements, though hazy and without direction, are gentle. To the world view, these people portray themselves as peace loving agents and artistic. Since they keep an open mind to all ongoing activities, the non-Pisces characters perceive them as people with chameleon characteristics. This makes other people uncertain about what character of a Pisces ascendant that they will encounter each day. Generally, these people are introverts and shy but are likely to be chatty and zealous on certain days. The Pisces ascendants are very easy to influence, are extremely sentimental and have a pensive outlook of life. Since objectivity is not necessarily their forte, their perspective of the world changes as they deem fit. Their decision making ability is also very poor.

A Pisces ascendant hate being labeled or tagged to certain aspects. This is primarily because of their tendency to shift from one standing to another. The character of Pisces ascendant interchangeable and thus cannot attain contentment by being linked to one way of life. It is thus normal for a Pisces ascendant to avoid ruthless realities and truthful facts about life. Their preference for keeping everything open makes them people who lack plans of action at any given time. As a result, they have a very difficult time coping in environments that are highly structured.

A Pisces ascendant often walk in a dreamy manner. Their thoughts and imaginations are often in another planet. In case one manages to capture their attention, their dreaminess is normally visible. As a survival strategy, these people seek to enter into relationships that are stable hence reliable. Their partners are charged with the responsibility of keeping them on the alert. Even so, the Pisces are likely to ignore the minute elements and the realism that are provided by their partners. Without a realistic and very practical partner, the Pisces cannot thrive.

Interestingly, the Pisces ascendant natives are known for their sensitivity to medication. Many of them have a previous history of hypersensitivity that is likely to be recurrent. When compared to all other persons, the Pisces have bodies that are not tolerant to many conditions. Despite the limitations, the Pisces have a silent but attractive charisma. Their observable characteristics and the manner in which they present themselves often intrigues other people.

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