Mercury in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo Keyword: Methodical

The typical Mercury-Virgo is critical, analytical and practical. Your thinking process is logical and impartial. You stand out among all the others due to your non-judgmental nature fueled by your brain’s ability to categorize ideas and indexes. You have a great brain-power and that’s something you really like to hear from others: because of your detail-oriented awareness of the reality you can’t allow yourself to be showing off, although you are aware of your mental capability as you are of everything else.

The classifications of knowledge you continuously do in your head is one that you can recall in any moment and is brought forth when you need it. That orientation to details is very much appreciated by others, especially in your professional environment. On the other hand, not having things perfectly organized makes you tense and people sometimes get wrong impression of you being control-freak. You are just committed to keep your everyday life planned and organized, your responsibilities finished, bills payed in time. You are happiest in well structured environment, where everyone has his own job and you know exactly what you’re supposed to do. You don’t mind letting the lead (like people with planets in Leo or Aries would), especially in two cases: in order to orchestrate things behind the curtains or when you feel that your knowledge and skill in the matter aren’t perfect. This traits, along with your integrity and determination in finishing all the tasks, make you a great employee. You should, nevertheless, learn to say no.

Because you know a lot, you are a rather convincing speaker. Mercury in Virgo people often have dry sense of humor. The primary things that capture your interest include science, mathematics, hygiene, medicine and all others topics that entail much detail. The knowledge that you acquire is always translated into material benefits. You use common sense at all times and you are a sincere person. However, there are instances when you become intolerant of persons who may not be as clever as you are. Additionally, you can also become too skeptical. If your Mercury has difficult aspects, you can become too quick to criticize. You should be careful not to let the small things make you blind to larger picture and greater goals. Additionally, it would be prudent to avoid hair splitting of the everything existent in the universe.

You are a rather silent and serious person in life. Despite having all the above-described impressive abilities, you always double (and triple) check everything you know, including yourself, which may be seen as the lack of self -confidence. Flashy and showy situations are ones that you avoid with all your energy. Since you are always too critical about yourself, you avoid making definite conclusions on fundamental life issues even if you’re absolutely able to wrap your mind around them. Some other interpretations of Mercury in Virgo would say that your knowledge of things are broad but as not so deep as in those natives with Mercury in Water signs – but it is rather the consequence of your tendency toward practical wisdom that can be put use and your detached, impersonal approach to it.

Interestingly, almost all Mercury-Virgos are highly interested in keeping physically fit.

Have you ever encountered a modest, socially withdrawn person that gave you practical life advice that stuck with you ever since? That was probably a person with Mercury in Virgo.

Renowned Mercury-Virgos include conductor Leonard Bernstein, Princess Ann, President Lyndon B. Johnson and labor leader Walter Reuther.




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