Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus Keyword: Factual

People with native Mercury in Taurus generally are described as a stubborn character that has very distinct likes and dislikes. You love to acquire things, especially cash and tangible possessions. Primarily, your interests lie in works of art and in members of the opposite gender. Admirably, you love listening keenly to all sides of the story prior to making any conclusion. Other people generally regard you as conservative, careful and productive. The best teacher, in your opinion, is life itself rather than the contents in books. You prefer to approach issues in a traditionalistic manner an you have an impressive memory. Your application of logic in all life issues makes you suited for business and management. If your natal Mercury has difficult aspects to other planets, you can exert mental passivity: pushing yourself in this case is not helpful. Instead, you need to place focus on organizing all the factors in your surroundings so you can work things out at your own rate for change to happen.

Commonly happens that people with the Mercury in Taurus attain a status in society and material riches through the marriage. This person will, in majority of cases, prefer to be associated with social circles that are much higher than their current social situation.While it is possible for all others to note that they are aiming too high socially, it is their calm and happy nature that makes them accepted into the said classes.

Taurus in general is the sign of bodily senses. So it is the case with Mercury in Taurus: you are strongly influenced by smell, taste and mood. That’s where your good taste in fine things coming from. Your communication style always seems so well deliberated and measured and your whole nature is down-to-earth: that’s why you prefer concrete concepts that can be implement in a real world over abstract thinking. The same trait, your nature, your concise way of speaking portray you as an authoritative person. What has been seen in this placement often is very pleasant voice.

It would be interesting to note that numerous songbirds have Mercury in Taurus. These people are also very good dancers. Examples of persons in this rank are President John F. Kennedy, violinist Yehudi Menuhin, poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, singer Barbra Streisand and industrialist Henry Kaisser.




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