Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio Keyword: Incisive

With Mercury in Scorpio you are very analytical, critical and can be mysterious or suspicious too. You’re always prepared for the bad intentions and hidden motives of others. In the majority of cases, you have strong opinions about issues and cannot be made to change the chosen stand.

The determination features your apprehension and knowledge of things, along your detective thinking, you leave no stone unturned in pursuit to get to the heart of any matter. Observation is sharp, and you can leave impression of all-seeing. You haven’t any fear of the delving into depths even those other people consider dark. You can’t stand the superficiality. However, you can possess obsessive traits, especially if Mercury has negative aspect to Pluto.

Additionally, you are shrewd, vigorous and apt to be too incisive both in verbal and written word. You can hurt others unnecessarily with your words or you can use your witty sarcasm to charm others. Since you are highly inquisitive and investigative, you are best suited for professions that entail healing. Other careers that you will excel in include chemistry, photography, research, large businesses and occultism. Being a detective or psychiatrists especially suits you well, because of your tendency to focus on a ostensibly and false in order to find the true. One admirable thing about you is your ability to endure thick and thin so as to attain a specific goal in life. Determination in you is immense. Your mind is deep but rarely charitable.

If you have hard-aspected Mercury, you tend to use the limitations of others to your advantage which is an aspect you should ought to minimize. In addition,if your Mercury has hard aspects, it is necessary that you stop being overly judgmental on other people who may not be as fortunate as yourself.
Mysteries are bound to capture your interest and you enjoy unraveling them, especially those that have defied the ingenuity of others. Metaphysical analyses and occult investigations attract you the most. Your deep instincts and penetrating intellectual abilities make you among the most profound mystics who elevated the human awareness.

Mercury is not very communicative in Scorpio, because kindness and compassion are not the characteristics of this position. You like to go deep into self-analysis and you need to firmly grab the psychological problems, but in the same moment you realize that it is very hard to eliminate such problems out of yourself by, for example, sharing them with others. This is what you should be careful, especially when going through stressful periods of life

Although very quick to criticism that, even when constructive sounds destructive to a lot of people, your speech can be actually inspiring, at least intensity of it can. You will defend the people you love, but, as most things of your Mercury position, this can have a dark side too: you sometimes do that at expense of someone third: that’s your way to make someone look batter – to make someone else look worse.

You excel at power struggles what makes you fit for political leadership, more so you’re known for your rough and vicious strategies. During a workshop or while at the workplace, you show no pity to others and neither do you expect them to show sympathy towards you. So motivated to win, not only in discussion, but in general, it’s very hard to win people with Mercury in Scorpio in any debate. Moreover, people are scared by your lucid presentation that seems like hiding something more dark beneath. You have the ability to stand strongly for what you believe in and your ability to remain calm while under pressure is the most demoralizing weapon you never lack.

Known people with Mercury in Scorpio include Mohandas Gandhi the Indian leader, King Hussein, statesman Winston Churchill, actress Suzanne Somers and scientist Marie Curie.




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