Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius Keyword: Independent

Traditionalists in astrology consider that Sagittarius is not so good placement for the Mercury, but regardless of it, if you are able to menage restlessness, superficiality and excessive optimism – the one that blinds you to reality, Mercury in Sagittarius can give you a lot. That distinction is so large that this position makes you incredibly dump or a pure genious.
You need an intellectual stimulus, strive for the freedom of thought and you constantly study or work. It would be good to build consistency in habits. You should tend to not to change your spheres of interest due to restlessness, lack of satisfaction or inhibition.

Mercury in Sagittarius gives you a sincere personality with sense of humor that is generally dry. You are also quite impulsive and tend to speak your thoughts without giving due attention to the possible consequences. You have very strong instincts about the truth as well, almost the flashes of it. However, these are often masked by your over-indulgence in varied interests that tends to scatter your thoughts. You are a naturally brilliant person but you need to direct your mental energy carefully – your intellect doesn’t need sharpening, it needs to be directed. You are a big-hearted soul that is also progressive and avoids to be false in anything. The intense concern that you have for attitudes rather than facts, makes you very interested in philosophy and religion. In addition, you enjoy your intellectual position so much that you tend to talk too much.

You are also fun communicator whose enthusiasm in speech is inspiring. You have the vastness of vision, you generally think big, which gives you a brilliant intellectual quality, but this also can be a bluff! You are not really a detail person so people often see the holes in your philosophies. So you should be aware when your inspiring speech become preaching, because it can get you in trouble even you don’t do that intentionally. That is sometimes due the fact that your so valued open-mindedness become dogmatic itself. You are first to notice bias or prejudice in conversation to others, but you don’t spot your own moralistic style of communication when it occurs.

Your desire to understand life and all its mystery is gigantic. In a related fashion, you are also a staunch believer in morality and its redemptive power (like Karma). Even though your perspective on justice can be puzzling to others, you’re always prepared to defend your stand on higher values (at least verbally!). Discussions that are likely to catch your attention are those in science, religion and philosophy. In your own perception that may either be true or erroneous, you consider yourself a person who know a lot about these topics.

You really value spontaneity in everything, so organizing, planning, structured endeavours are just not for you.When clutter in your life or living or working place become a physical obstacle, you will thrown out, crumple up or push in the corners all that stands in your way and reduces your space. Because you actually like to have room (or at least illusion of it), your living or working places aren’t in mess at the first glance. So you very well may be that person that has hazardous bunch of unsorted things in your drawers and closet that are ready to jump at whomever dares to open them.

Your continuous movements may make you lose out on numerous opportunities in life – you very well may not be at your workplace when promotions are hand out. As a result, the Sagittarius in Mercury individual is likely to attain success at a much advanced age during their lifetime. In your philosophy, you live to live and not to work. As much as you cherish education and know its value in life, you will also not give it due attention if it means sacrificing things in your youthful years for it. You are just not too interested in obtaining cold, dry facts. In order to study or learn, you need to be strongly interested in the topic, to be free to learn by your choice and to do that – through fun.

You really don’t have patience with people who are indirect, fake, who brag, and mind-games can get out off balance. You are so fun-loving, open individual who enjoys freedom, sports and art, and you just don’t appreciate “sneak” type of personality – you think that’s being crude or rude is more forgivable, if it’s coming from higher beliefs.

You have a gift for learning foreign languages, and long journeys abroad seem of paramount importance to you. Until that happens, you will enjoying taking endless short trips, where you can also check on people and cultivate your relationships with them. If a physical journey for some reason is not possible, you read about or study the distant lands.

Famous people born with Mercury in Sagittarius: Senator Howard Baker, anthropologist Margaret Mead, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, President Charles de Gaulle and Evangelist Billy Graham




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