Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces Keyword: Reflective

Mercury in Pisces equipped you with an almost psychic quality and exceptional intuition. Your subtle
mind radiates intriguing air of mystery and there is something elusive about the way you think. You’re also very reflective and romantic, so you express yourself in philosophical and kind of a poetic way. Behind your sympathetic approach is a compassion to others that makes you a human sponge: you spontaneously (even when it’s not what you actually want to do) absorb emotions and vibrations of others. For you, communication is always carried on multiple levels: at least both psychically and spiritually.

That sensitivity of yours is probably reason why your true thoughts are often hidden from the public and you open up just to close friends and family. That’s your protection because you get hurt easily. Your surrounding must be harmonious because your reactions come more often from subconscious than from reason. Your opinions are strongly influenced by your feelings. This receptivity of yours is also reason why people may perceive you as moody and thin-skinned. On the other side Mercury in Pisces placement gives you a deep sympathy and understanding for the failures, foibles, and even follies of the others.

People may not fully understand who you truly are because the placement of Mercury in the Pisces yields contradictory messages. Other than your hidden thoughts and feelings, the duality of your nature is what puzzles people: you are very sympathetic, but also very logical when it comes to getting things your way (you would win an Oscar every time, actually). You have a beautiful inner life, an introspective knowledge of yourself through which you acquire keen insight into human nature, but you also can gather a bunch of useless information (purposeful for television quiz shows only). You probably like to be well-informed, too.

You acquire knowledge differently than most people do: not by study but rather by experience, absorption, or even better – by flashes of intuition and sudden feelings that are not caused by actual circumstances or already known facts .

Your way of communicating is indirect because you want to please everyone. You rather bend a truth a little than hurt a person. Even though this makes you a warm listener and pleasant conversationalist, it can also be caused by lack of self-confidence. Your way of speaking can also be moody and vague, and no one can predict whether your happy and joyful, timid and shy, or confused side of your personality will surface during particular conversation. You are really not fond of cold, hard facts because of your open-mindedness and belief that all people, including a liar, has their own truth. That’s why you avoid taking definite standpoint and keeping one point for too long.

Your memory is impressive and the mentality that you operate on is creative and imaginative. As you wonder (and wander) through these cerebral labyrinths, you arrive to astonishing insights, particularity about past events, but you should be aware of the tendency to get lost in that Wanderland. Additionally, try to make plans that are more connected to the practical plane and to translate your thoughts from outwardly language to ordinary human. If you’d express yourself with more clarity, you would avoid a lot misunderstandings.

Your artistic side makes you an avid aficionado for music or other forms of art. If you Mercury has challenging aspects, your mind can vacillate to the point to distort your perception of the reality. You may also tend to be absent-minded, confused and melancholic person lost in his own world.

It should be checked if there is too many difficult aspects to Mercury in your Natal chart because it can give you a morbid imagination, an irrational and obsessive feeling or fear (of being persecuted, for example) or even more serious neuroses or phobias. You should guard against self-pity or resentment toward other people; concentrate on thinking clearly in order to find a solution. Use your many talents, especially your potential artistic ones, to combat your potential negativity: for example, stir your innate spiritual power toward artistic expression

Famous people that have Mercury in Pisces include writer Victor Hugo, actors John Travolta, Bruce Willis and Jean-Paul Belmondo, psychic Edgar Cayce, musicians Kurt Cobain, Elton John and Billie Holiday, astronomers Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei, philosopher Rudolf Steiner, scientist Charles Darwin, dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, composers Johann Sebastian Bach and Nikolao Rimsy-Korsakov, and Osama bin Laden.




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