Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra Keyword: Diplomatic

With your natal Mercury in Libra, you are a very friendly, rational and open-minded person. Even so, you can become serious and strict especially when your principles are involved in a matter. You desire and advocate for justice. In all situations, you prefer to create balance and to make a very fair judgment. With regard to decision making and communication, you are pretty slow and cannot pass a judgment hurriedly. During the conversation, the other side often waits some time for you to express yourself. You hate conflicts and arguments and consider them as an absence of reason and arguments. In your opinion, challenging situations are best solved via constructive dialogue and discussions. If your natal Mercury is in Libra diplomacy is your thing, and even if your other planetary positions point to less so, this placement is why you always search for compromise.

You strive for intellectual attainments and you have a passion for arts. Your sense of touch with the world is rather gentle and you love being affiliated to sophisticated, well-behaved and honest people. You can be regarded as bon vivant. You get really disturbed when you encounter crude and manner-less people; even inappropriate clothes you can see as rude. And even though you are a pleasant communicator, your perfectionism can render you hard to live with.

So, if we considered a Virgo to be a “criticizing perfectionist” (as mentioned in Mercury in Virgo, too), with Mercury in Libra we enter a new realm of critique: although many of you have your Sun in Virgo, this aspect alone endowed you with special criticism weapon. As you express your opinion in such well-mannered, well-balanced way, created to preserve other people’s comfort level, you succeed in sending your message without being involved. And that’s what actually make others feel really, really guilty.

Your desire to understand the human nature makes you best suited for a career in human relations. You’ve probably always been interested in reasons behind human thinking and behavior, which equipped you for the psychology and all other careers that gravitate around human behavior – like diplomats and arbitrators. In this case, hard aspects to your Mercury (like quadrants), or planetary positions with signs different then Libra (like Sun in Scorpio) do you favor in order not to be too much of a social butterfly, fickle and superficial.

People with natal Mercury in Libra are in a lifetime search for intellectually equal partner. It can be said that you are a kind of a sapiosexual: one to whom intelligence is the most sexually appealing quality (but it isn’t so emphasised as it is Venus in Gemini). The problem can arise if the search becomes more important than the actual partner. You can easily overhear your partner telling some profound things in attempt to reach the perfect goal of straight argument and fairness. Especially if your partner is more emotional, personal communicator (for example, one of the Water signs) this purely mental involvement in discussion can sound to them like liability waiver.

Although tactfulness is one of your most beautiful traits, during conversation you always pay attention on intellectual scores in an effort to be ahead of the other participant. That is mostly because you always, and not just conversation, keen balancing and comparing arguments presented. If your natal Sun is in some more competitive sign, like Sun in Aries, this trait gets more obvious

The main theme of this position is the mind balance (mind – Mercury, balance – Libra). You are extremely uncomfortable with any kind of extremism, be it in life or in an opinion. Sometimes it seems that correcting other people’s biases is more important than your own position on the matter. Your subtle intelligence provided you with the ability of abstract thinking. Your objectivity is why you can always be a mediator, able to give a great advice even to conflicted sides. And you generally tend to be a good person, and one who always give their best to make others happy. But, your pursue for the fairest, most balanced choice can result in never-ending “pros” and “cons” when it comes to your personal life. That’s why this natives turn to others for help in decision making. What you need to learn is to make a conclusion without “but” (especially in the same sentence with a compliment you’re attempting to give) and to disagree from time to time, when you feel it’s right.

With Mercury in Libra, your career choice is heavily influenced by the people that matter most to you. However, as you grow and change your associations and partners, you are also likely to change your point of view and the line of work you do. That’s why is so important for you to be surrounded by people who stimulate your versatile mind and support your development in a right direction.

Prominent people with Mercury in Libra include skier Jean-Claude Killy, singer Maurice Chevalier, writer Fannie Hurst, President Dwight D. Eisenhower and playwright Oscar Wilde.




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