Mercury In Leo

Mercury In Leo

Mercury In Leo Keyword: Positive

If your natal Mercury is in Leo, you think big, dramatically and always with your heart. You were born with eyes wide open to admire the world.  You were that child that naturally evokes the center of attention by speaking, singing or imitating adults. The first impression you leave upon others is dignity and a sense of innate refinement. Less developed Mercury in Leo can be seen as know-it-all, but more mature individuals of this placement present their ideas with unmatched authority. And that is an authority of the Sun (the Leo) whose duty is to see and to live the life in order to spread the beauty of the world and life itself, and make even the most pessimistic cinic feel the sunshine over him.

The very important fact is that Mercury in Leo isn’t just about reinterpretation or philosophy, it has to be very experiential and very personal. When Mercury in Leo talks, he is a soldier (or even better – a general) who lives to tell; hundreds and hundreds of battles he has been to and survived is the only reason why he “knows how”. Wisdom of this placement is all about experience. And when you talk, dear Mercury-Leo, your great persuasion ability captures people: not with the wit or logic that can be found in Mercury in Gemini, or with the drive to win like Mercury in Scorpio. You do that with your good will, optimism and warmth Because you are visionary and idealistic, romantic thoughts take a big part in your imagination.

Your skill to spread your message across helps you in your conquest to be seen as an authority in a chosen field. You have a great ability to see the larger picture but overlooking details behind the situation can be your weak point. (Unless you have a Virgo in some personal planets). Nonetheless, you are an ambitious person with an exemplary executive ability. This makes you a good teacher. Other professions that you may excel in are theatre, fine arts, education and the stock market. If your Mercury has difficult aspects, you can be quick to anger, self-centered, stubborn and self-indulgent. In addition, hard aspects to Mercury give you the tendency to exaggerate issues that need not be too big. All other Mercury in Leo can sometimes see themselves as mentally superior, but the good hearth of the Leo will always take on that inner battle between mental arrogance and honest desire to be authority of higher values.

With this placement you hold both to your ideas and ideals, and give great importance to your beliefs. Rather intellectual (let’s say – intellectual by experience), you have a strong need for self-expression. You probably have a lot of anecdotes, from your life especially, because you always wanted to SEE, to LIVE and to TELL, in order to experience the life to the fullest and then to entertain, amuse and teach. You think of your life in dramatic autobiography terms – and that is also because of your need for creativity.

Beside your great zeal in passing on your ideas and believes, you are blessed with a charm that entertains and draws people to you. If appropriate chance comes by, you would certainly deliver a speech that will capture the attention of the public imagination that will propel you into leadership or the position of power.

In a crowd, you can always recognize a person with Mercury in Leo by strong personal charisma.

Although not all of you Mercury-Leos are genius, this combination gives you an impressive ability to project ideas and influence people far beyond your social circle, in a way that an ordinary person may not. Some of the greatest, famous (and most infamous) people had their natal Mercury in Leo. They were leaders, empires builders and political revolutionaries. Others were great thinkers whose ideas contributed largely to religion, literature, mass communication and astrology. 

Famous people with Mercury is Leo: Cuban leader Fidel Castro, dictator Benito Mussolini, revolutionary Nelson Mandela, Napoléon Bonaparte, writers Ernest Hemingway, Paulo Coelho,  Johann von Goethe, Charles Bukowski, J. K. Rowling and Guy de Maupassant, US presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, artist Andy Warhol, pop-star Michael Jackson,  rock-star Mick Jagger, actor Sean Penn, filmmakers Tim Burton and Roman Polanski, Ex-First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent




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