Mercury In Gemini

Mercury In Gemini

Mercury In Gemini Keyword: Conversational

The Mercury in Gemini applies the highest level of reasoning at all times. When creating a perspective on truth, you are dynamic, unprejudiced and because of that sometimes perceived by others as aloof. Many will know you by your excellent command of language, rich vocabulary that makes you excellent communicator.

You enjoy learning new things each day and the agility of your mind is powered by a highly sensitive nervous system. Because of that sensibility, you can feel bombarded by stimuli from your environment and you have hard-time switching it off. That is the source of your irritability, nervousness and confusion, but that same trait also makes you intellectual, talkative, charismatic and always up to date with the current affairs. Your thought system is particularly interesting as it is colored and flashy. As a result, you use a lot of gestures while talking. People rarely get bored in your presence!

You make a very good public speaker or a writer. On the flipside, you can be superficial at times, hence overlooking some critical issues when championing for change. You are always interested in new subjects, thus people can see you as scattered. Your restless mind always searches for new stimuli, so you get easily bored if your environment is static.

The cold intellectual ability that you possess can be impressive when engaged in business and leadership. Your detached nature may, however, make others shy off from interacting with you or may ultimately make them resist you. Having a gift to separate your feelings from the reality, not taking things personally (like Mercury in Aries does) render your ability to make critical decisions and do it fast and nevertheless – accurate. Often, this will lead to making the unpopular decision that others may not agree with because they will integrate their feelings and opinions in a matter. Doing so should not make you feel less of a human and neither should you conclude that the others do not apply logic when making important decisions. You are open-minded, but being biased towards logic is also –being biased! Try not to alienate people with your detached style, changeability and coolness.

Your curiosity, ability to learn quickly and adopt new things, your always present and alert mind can easily win others over- especially if you use your strongest arm – words. Sense of humor is part of your witty charm and you can find common ground with people from almost any background. You are always in a search for a good mental rival. At the social gatherings you are that social butterfly that goes from group to group – and exchanges at least a couple of words with all the attendees. Watch out tendency to gossip!

Although you may not be sentimental, your sharp and comical personality will not allow anyone to ignore your presence. As would be expected, very many comedians and actors have natal Mercury in Taurus.

These include writer George Sand, President Harry Truman, writer Jean Cocteau, columnist Hedda Hopper and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.





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