Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn Keyword: Serious

With your natal Mercury in Capricorn you are very hard-working, cautious and sincere. Your mind is methodical, objective and devoted to what you seek to accomplish and the work that you do is impeccable. Because of your slow, linear mental process you are able to think in a constructive and practical terms, reaching crystal clear conclusions and rational view of the situation.You really think what you say  and you do not have time for useless gossip. You value your time and you tend to be concise in expression of your opinion. The only large consumption of time you don’t regard as a waste is – planning your future. Even reading this, you do something so typical of you: you are a true skeptic.

It is not typical of you to find humor in conventional life occurrences. Nonetheless, you do have a sense of humor that is satirical or dry.

The memory that you have for facts and numbers is unbeatable and your approach is very detailed-oriented. Although you have a preference to math, you can be a little lazy during studies. Generally, you are rather intellectually snobbish, but when you wish to make a point you can be very tactful and sensitive. Common sense is your strong asset and you apply it effectively.

Mercury in Capricorn render you highly disciplined and make you an excellent disciplinarian. Even so, it is important to be a little gentle when dealing with others. Since your persona is highly practical, you are best suited for executive and political positions in the societyYou are realistic rather than idealistic: you uphold traditionalistic valuesYour idea of morality is strict and others may find you too adamant to change. As a result, it is possible that you do not attract too many friends. People with Mercury in Aries see you as too deliberated and strict, Mercury in Cancer too cold and Mercury in Libra as too judgmental.

If there isn’t aspects to your Mercury that suggest more social qualities you can have a tendency to seclude yourself from the outside world so as to live in your ideal world that is pragmatic and intellectual – and cold as seen by others.

When you decide to pursue an issue, you are able to fully concentrate on it and to uphold an intense alertness of the same. At any given time, you are chasing a secret goal. You are very resourceful and you prefer working on projects that leads to material results. Your organized manner of thinking refuses scatter of information, so you achieve everything by doing it step-by-step. The ability to transform ideas into reality that you have is quite impressive.

The air of authority that you exude and the fact that you are trustable often leads you to position of a leadership sooner or later in life. Your word is important value to you, and you have difficulty with people who don’t stick to their word.

If your Mercury in Capricorn has difficult aspects, you may be a doctrinaire, overly ambitious and too materialistic. Watch out for depression that serves as camouflage for a lack of self-confidence that you have.

People who were born with Mercury in Capricorn include Actors Paul Newman and Brad Pitt, Scientist Louis Pasteur, President Richard Nixon, Governor Ronald Reagan, Writer Charles Dickens, Singers Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Filmmaker David Lynch, Actress Marlene Dietrich, Adolf Hitler’s companion Eva Braun




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