Mercury In Cancer

Mercury In Cancer

Mercury In Cancer Keyword: Receptive

If you have your natal Mercury in Cancer, you are highly emotional human being. That sensibility is why you are easily swayed by your senses and feelings, and the cause why you are withdrawn even when you actually have a high social status. Because of your shyness, people are sometimes surprised by your decisiveness: when caught in the middle of an argument, you become stubborn and once you take a stand, make a decision, you do not change it.

You are naturally sensitive to your surroundings.  You are thoughtful, gentle and kind person and the only way for other people to get to know you is to give you that in return – sincere support and praise is what gets through that hard, emotional Cancer shell.  But, if Mercury in Cancer is only position with Cancer in your Natal Chart, you give an impression of sensibility that actually  doesn’t represent you.

However, even if this is the only position with Cancer in your Natal Chart, it unmistakeably shades one’s approach to life with Cancer’s subjectivity and tendency to be too personal. On the positive side, Mercury in Cancer gives you a highly creative mind, rich inner life and connection to past through great memory. All that traits exude poetry and people with this position are often the lovers of poetry.

Others will often turn to you because you are an amazing listener, you are empathetic and you hate seeing other people’s suffering because it hurts you, too. However, your lack of objectivity may get in the way of helping others since your own feelings are always involved. That’s one of examples when you get to self-pity, where you like to hide from the reality. Although you are highly family and home oriented, you have great potential at business and are very diplomatic. If your Mercury placements to other planets are challenging, you have to watch out the tendency to live by taking the line of least resistance, but to face the problems in direct way.

Others will definitely take notice of you because of humanity and reverence for the feelings of others, particularly their anxieties. People with Mercury in Cancer are “vibe-catchers“: they pick up feelings of others easily, store atmosphere of the situations in their memory for a long, long time, and are always able to reconstruct and re-live mood from certain event of their life. For them, it’s not about what is being said, but the emotions behind the words. This sensitivity makes you likeable to others as much as your intellect may not match theirs. The things that you imagine are clear and almost tangible to the extent that they can cause you physical pain. That is also a reason why you are naturally gifted in psychology. This ability is heightened by the fact that you can analyze the past or stare into another person’s mind without being highly opinionated or taking sides.

It is easy for person with Mercury in Cancer to get lost in other’s expression and opinions while they re-live emotions expressed by others. After all that absorption, you need some alone time to feel and think – and regenerate. And more importantly, you need to re-establish your emotional balance which is precursor for you to be healthy and function well.

Normally, you have this appreciation for fantasy and symbolism that in unmatched compared to all other people. You also apprehend subtleties that are almost from another realm – by your imagination and always strong emotions. This is why people sometimes regard you as illogical. Some more direct Zodiac signs like Aries can get frustrated by your indirect and slow way of communication, that can even leave an impression as if you’re hiding something, whilst you can see them as blunt and/or superficial.

Famous people with natal Mercury in Cancer include billionaire John D. Rockefeller Sr., poet Ann Morrow, writer Pearl Buck and writer Thomas Mann.




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