Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries Keyword: Impulsive

Imagination and an excellent foresight are what make people with Mercury in Aries unique. You have this immense desire to be the first person to do everything. Words favor you so you are an articulate and eloquent person and your ability to cobble things together flows naturally and beautifully in you, and you can improvise beautifully. With all the brilliance you possess, you sometimes like to use your abilities sarcastically. Since you are also rather impulsive and spontaneous, you are likely to shift from one perspective of a matter to another within seconds. Decision making is so fast process, that it might look that you don’t dedicate enough time to think things through: truth is that you aren’t the most patient person in the world, and you would like ALL and NOW.

While being flexible is sometimes necessary, your continuous change of opinion draws you back in life. So as to deal with this, it is important for you to cultivate patience especially when dealing with other people. This is also necessary in your life because you have the ability to come up with original ideas that need to be seen to completion for a successful life. Others will know you for your ability to create things and mental alertness that is ignited very fast when need be. Additionally, your bellicose nature allows you to easily integrate into good debates where you voice your feelings and thoughts. On the flipside, you sometimes lose control and want to be at the center of everything. When faced with challenging situations, you exaggerate the matter and this particularly happens if there are challenging aspects from Mercury to Jupiter in your chart. Your world is typically viewed as you would wish for it to be rather that what it really is. Not to worry though, fixed planets in your Natal chart can balance this outlook.

Your communication style is open , honest and sometimes direct to the point that it can be seen as cruel. The good side of this is that people always know where they stand with a person with Mercury in Aries. Mercury in Aries people are personal about their ideas, and they assume that other people should accept their points of view smoothly. If that isn’t the case, Aries’s aggressivity can be provoked. On the other hand, they utilitarian style of communication posses certain charm, as it is enthusiastic and almost childish in its excitement. It can be very useful in promoting your ideas and projects as it is very fun and contagious.

The Mercury-Aries adds a touch of adventure into your intellectual works. While others are held back by the fear of failing, you are quick to explore through experiments your intellectual abilities. Being a lover of firsts, you love bringing forth new theories. You are a visionary and can tend to idealistic side. You are also likely to be among the first persons to approve and propagate new styles in life among them writing, speech, composing or thinking. Your mind is so active and responsive that you can be oppressive leader or an exemplary servant.

People who have the natal Mercury in Aries include physicist Albert Einstein, actor Marlon Brando, actor Charlie Chaplin and Queen Elizabeth II.




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