Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius Keyword: Original

With your natal Moon in Aquarius you are resourceful, keen-eyed and intuitive. You are able to quickly asses human character. But as a keen judge of a human nature, you are very tolerant of what you find. Your mind can be described as versatile, observant, clever and humanitarian. If you are presented with two opposing opinions, you can give your impartial, objective judgment. People that are more emotional can accuse you for being cold. That isn’t true, because you can be one-eyed as anyone if the subject touches your beliefs, going to verge of being fanatical. You love breaking the rules, „coming out of the box“, and you gladly do that in order to fight other people biases. Contradicting others excites you, because you are fond of a good debate. Especially because you are rather often the one who „wins“ them. Watch out the tendency to intellectual snobism.

Yes, you are compassionate, but in a detached way, not personal. It doesn’t, however, mean that you don’t establish one-to-one relationships. Moreover, you need individualistic approach to every person, unique connection to anyone you know, while you are always strongly aware of the group communication dynamics. In general, though, you are more at “home” in a large groups, where everyone has some business at hand. The more worthwhile that business is, the better. The best possible scenario is something worthwhile to the whole humanity.

That is why you can be drawn to communications industry, where you can spread your ideas in always new and innovative way and draw attention in order to get reformations going. You would express yourself very well in broadcasting, television, magazine, book or newspaper publishing. Other than that, you are drawn to the science, the study of characters and the subjects of all-human interest. You can also be fond of reading and might be involved in group and community projects.

Learning things is not a challenge for you because you absorb abstract ideas quickly. In addition, you are autonomous, scholarly, sociable and one who enjoys studying by themselves about varying issues. You can actually be self-taught in your field. You don’t like schedules, at least those imposed by others: you organize yourself very well whilst that isn’t so obvious to others.

You prefer acquiring knowledge that is experimental, has potential to bring the change, and bring it to many people. In that sense, you are very future-oriented. That is why you make so interesting company to others: they love your unusual, quirky perception of the matters, and your always inspiring and deep insight. You love to shock others and what they usually don’ know, to perform your mental experiments on them. What can be downside is your sometimes erratic presentations of ideas that are connected in a new one without predictable connections and from unrelated concepts. That’s why sometimes others have a hard time following you. And that’s why debates finishes in your favor. Even though you are good with words and you have witty way of expressing yourself, you have a tendency to speak too much at times.

You tend to keep an open mind about life but will only fully embrace a new outlook after a critical analysis and deep reflection. You are an objective, honest and self assured person who cares not about following traditions or getting the approval of others. Your effort to “awake others” to the larger subjects and higher issues of life can lead to being seen as heterodox or/and eccentric. If your Mercury has hard aspects, you are likely to over-think the matter without performing actions aimed at solving them. Also, you can be stubborn or too eccentric.

One of the things you avoid with all your might is becoming emotional or being biased as a result of emotions. As such, you are not likely to be very attentive and casual partner in intimate relationships. The partner who is fit for you, therefore, is one who is undemanding and not likely to push you into meeting the needs that you would rather not. Exceptions are likely to happen when the Sun is in Pisces.

Famous Mercury in Aquarius include civil rights leader Martin Luther King, inventor Thomas A. Edison, writer Norman Mailer, computer entrepreneur and inventor Steve Jobs, TV host Oprah Winfrey, musician bob Marley and composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Interestingly, it is believed that Jesus Christ’s Mercury is in Aquarius and according to Astrodatabank those of Antichrist too.




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