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Mars is a Roman God of war, but also growth in the nature and fertility. In our Natal chart it represents our Passion, Inner drive and Sexuallity. This characteristics of the person are described by the Mars sign and house in which Mars is placed, and the aspects he makes to other planets.

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In our horoscope Mars describes the outgoing physical force, both constructive and destructive. It’s our animal energy, survival instinct, our libido (according to Sigmund Freud – libido is our life force). It explains what stimulates our physical energy, what get’s us going, our inner motivation. It shows our sexual style and how we approach to intimate sensual pleasures. Differently than Venus, which represents romantic relationship, Mars refers to bodily motives. It explains what methods we use to get what we want in sex, and generally in life.

Mars determines our ambition – when expressed positively it represents courage, endurance, strength, self-confidence. The force of the character and Leadership qualities as determination, intuitiveness and independence are found here. Otherwise, it is indicator of aggressiveness, even violence, imposing determination, the ambition to be successful in material matters against all odds, quarrelsomeness.

Mars describes how we manage our anger and how we assert ourselves, our fighting style. That way person with Mars in Gemini, the sign of eloquence, use the words to assert himself and get what he wants. Mars in Libra, the sign of harmony and beauty, just can’t stand inequality, not to mention the fight, and he wins over with charm and cooperation. Mars in Virgo, the sign of perfectionist, would find the smallest hole of the rival’s concept.

Mars rules the Aries – the Warrior and its natural house is the First House – The House of self, the Ascendant.


Placement of the Mars in your horoscope shows qulities of your: energy, desires, courage, sexuallity, originality.


Positively aspected Mars brings forth: courage, initiative, originality, magnetism, motivation, initiative.

Negatively aspected Venus brings forth: aggressiveness, impulsiveness, arrogance, stubbornness, selfishness, recklessness.


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