Mars in Virgo


Mars in Virgo Keyword: Disciplined

With natal Mars in Virgo, you are the Warrior of Logic (Mars – the Warrior, Virgo – organized information). You are goal-oriented, well-organized, productive individual. But Mars in Virgo often produces peculiar setbacks and reversals on your path to achievement. It may not be easy, but you’ll probably attain all your goals in the end. At any given time you have a bunch of tasks, often self-imposed, but opting for one – knowing exactly what you want – would launch you directly to your goal. However, even with overcrowded schedule you make all things done, and you do it quite successfully.

You just can’t stand the people who don’t make sense. Do you find this type of situation familiar: Someone: “Do that and that!” (Natural question of) the Mars in Virgo :”Why?” The Someone: “Because I say so” That – that’s something that makes you mad – and to get to your mad point people has to push many buttons, “the nonsense” buttons in particular. For you, “Because I say so” is NOT an answer to “Why?”, NEVER, and it’s the best way to portray how Mars in Virgo is precise about facts, and logic in particular.

This position instilled in you deep-seated desire – and belief – that all your endeavours will result in tangible results and confirmation, although you don’t really have a need to be praised for your efforts. That’s why Mars in Virgo renders more workaholics than any other Mars position. You are quite confident in yourself and your abilities, but you’re not by any means flashy or smug. On the contrary, you are a quiet achiever, who assert oneself modestly and dutifully. You are strong-willed, prudent and ambitious in a subdued way. Under your sophisticated, refined exterior lies a determination that overcomes all obstacles, backed up by quick mind directed in practical matters and often specialized skill.

In the same manner, you have ability to detach your emotions in order to make well-calculated, shrewd decisions. All your feelings are well under your control and others can perceive you as cold-blooded. However, it’s that same trait what makes you so helpfull to others, especially when emergencies arise.

You possess a lot more energy than you display. Your ability to handle vast amounts of detail without losing concentration or interest, makes science often a fertile field for your inventive and analytical mind. But your orientation to details makes you too critical at times, and then your criticism can wound another person deep, without you even being aware what you’ve done.

Your nervous energy is very sensitive, and being inclined to worry and determined not to show it, makes you suffer from nerves and renders you irritable from time to time. Your strong inclination toward hygiene and diet, and the close attention you generally pay to health, helps you manage to keep fairly fit and healthy. However, it also may predispose you to obsessive–compulsive type of behaviour.

Even though you are rather puritanical in your beliefs, favoring the old-fashioned values that have stood the test of time, it’s your adaptability that helps you find practical solutions for problems that would cause a breakdown in other people. Because you are inclined to be conservative, you go about your work in a quiet and methodical manner. Your great passion is discovering the flows and fixing what’s not correct (before signing any contract, it should be given to Mars in Virgo for a review). You are rather humble in your approach in life, but you are very firm when it comes to your „methods“ of solving problems and gettings things done – that’s when your propensity toward perfectionism gets most visible.

With Mars in Virgo you aren’t the one to go out of your way to look for love affairs. But, physical expression of love is something completely natural to you, and as you are so comfortable with sex, that unconstrained attitude others find rather appealing. You don’t understand any immoral concept linked to sex, as you approach it in simple, rational and direct way, free of taboos – but it can also lead to relationships that serve the physical satisfaction, but do not require emotional investment. Due to your perfectionist and open approach to lovemaking, it’s no wonder why a lot of porn stars are born with Mars in Virgo. However, in a relationship, you keep your sex life rather private and you need a spontaneous lover that is honest and natural. The one who uses the right words to relax you will discover how easily you get turned on sexually.

Famous people with Mars in Virgo: politicians Barack Obama, Jacques Chirac, Indira Gandhi and George W. Bush, catholic nun Mother Teresa, author Helena Blavatsky, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, cult leader Charles Manson, artist Yoko Ono, mystic Grigori Rasputin,  Joan of Arc




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