Mars in Taurus


Mars in Taurus Keyword: Dogmatic

Mars in Taurus adorned you with persistence and endurance. You are not just practical and goal-oriented, but when you’ve set your goal, your determination leads you to it. The energy of Mars, the planet of Drive is everything but explosive as it is in Aries here: you’re steady and easygoing, but nothing can divert you from your way to success. Your passions ignite slowly, but they are strong and earthly sensual.

The planet of Drive is here in Taurus – the sign of earthly possessions. So, plain and simple, acquiring money and personal possessions keep you going. Stability and security occupy a high position in your value system but you are down to earth about it. You know the peace of mind that security confers, and you aim to get it.

But, paradoxically, after all your efforts to secure the prize, you are likely to let it slip away at the last minute. It is almost as though you are willing to surrender to the object desired, but never to the obstacles that would keep you from it. You stop. You change. You take a rest. And then you resume your efforts with the same tenacity. You tend sometimes to swing from one extreme to another – peacefully compliant, then obstinately aggressive; self-indulgent, than ascetic; open-handed, then grasping. In many ways, you are a living contradiction, ill-harmonized within yourself.

As in everything you do, when you decide something you stand by it staunchly. One side of that coin is patience, another is stubbornness. Your temper is difficult to provoke: but when it happens, the true power of it is obvious. You don’t want to be rushed in anything and you’re more on a conservative side. You may be unable to see another person’s point of view. Mental and physical immobility is the greatest weakness of this position – when being firm becomes being obstinate. Anyhow, you aren’t the most adaptable person in the world.

You are strongly sexual. The physical side of love is likely to dominate your thoughts and affections. Your compulsion to retain possessions can extend to the people you love; you may be possessive and cruelly jealous. But if your Mars is well-aspected, Mars in Taurus makes you a competent and satisfying lover who is usually very popular with the opposite sex. Even though your fulsome sensuality don’t have inhibitions, you tend toward conventional, private sex life that is at the same time animalistic and primitive. You have a deep appreciation for natural rhythms of life.

You make a good executive with a talent for organizing and directing. You can visualize a goal with uncanny accuracy and make it materialize. You are most successful where there is a high element of self-interest and where stamina is needed.

You can be a successful writer or artist with a pronounced flair for expression that is sensual, rounded, voluptuous; your style is earthy and classic. Although you are intent on acquiring money and assets, you can be a lavish spender when it comes to pleasure and the things you enjoy.

Famous people with Mars in Taurus: singers Michael Jackson and Madonna, politician Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro,Osama bin Laden, JFK, actors Charlie Chaplin and Robert De Niro, singer Mick Jaggers and Robbie Williams, artists Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí, boxer Muhammad Ali, writer Franz Kafka, filmmaker Stanley Kubrick




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