Mars in Scorpio


Mars in Scorpio Keyword: Explosive

The planet of Passion and Drive (Mars) is here in the sign of Hidden Power (Scorpio) – in one word: sex. It shouldn’t, however, be interpreted that every person with Mars in Scorpio is sexually obsessed, but rather, that there is an abundance of mighty energy at its very source, deep in the non-physical and unconscious – as Sigmund Freud called the libido, sexual energy: the life force. This position endowed you with intensity and persistence that renders your desire to defeat the toughest obstacles and go the deepest possible in everything you commit to.

You are the powerhouse of passion, and even though you come across as self-controlled and observant, keeping your cool on the outside, your inner willpower breaks through the surface sparking out of you, why you can also be perceived as somewhat dangerous. True, the propensity of such a fundamental, assertive force is toward some kind of violent, willful and piercing expression, but if you direct it in accomplishing a goal, you are capable of astonishing self-discipline, prepared to get dirty, overcome most punishing conditions and able to see an essence and come to the bottom of things. You are unmatched planner and strategist, and your mind is quick and penetrating.

You are unstoppable, but also diplomatic when it suits you. No one on earth can make you perform against your will, and being secretive as you are, you don’t let people to know you. The reason for that maybe your tendency to manipulate and exploit others, probing another person’s mind with the penetrating impersonal precision, and somewhere deeply you protect yourself of the same. That’s all the qualities because of which you have a talent in psychotherapy and science, as in solving mysteries. You may be attracted to occult and psychic investigations, to taboos and especially breaking them. You often rely on your gut-feeling, and sometimes a profound flash of mystical insight changes your entire life-style.

You are not an adaptable person. Your opinions are fixed and that compromising with you difficult. You prefer to have one clear aim and stick to it through thick and thin – well-planned aim, directed toward purpose, with no wasted time or movements.

Since you are rather obsessive, you don’t forget nor forgive. Even though you are an emotional volcano, your ruthless determination and repressive temperament appears to others as a cool, calculating shrewdness and total self-sufficiency. But you are endowed with powerful creative drive infused by deep emotions and imagination that flows from the darkest to the most fairytale worlds.

There is something provocative about you. You connect with your love interest on a non-verbal plane, sending and looking to receive subtle cues. Vibration and energy you send and tend to exchange is subtle, but rather intense. But, you don’t throw yourself after someone who will refuse your advances and could hurt your ego – as in everything else, before making any move, you carefully choose a person and a strategy.

Concept of sex to you, is like concept of „other“ for Mars in Libra – it goes beyond personal, and emerges from the depth as a consuming fascination to you. Sex to you also has a profound, spiritual meaning. Sex and power intermingle, and even though you can be shockingly cruel, you never dominate your relationship openly – you do it in more perfidious way. Your strong sexual presence is seductive and mysterious, exuding appealing note of a danger.

In a relationship, you can be touchy and quarrelsome, and if sexual involvement becomes too emotional, extreme jealousy, resentment, anger and liking of a revenge can predominate. With difficult aspects to Mars, or without utilizing Scorpio’s power of transformation to mature, holder of this placement can become sexually twisted, too fascinated with danger, death, dark things and taboo. they can be cruel, unscrupulous, violent or can become a victim of the people with this characteristics.

Famous people with Mars in Scorpio: spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi, musicians Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Marilyn Manson, politician Joseph Stalin, astrologer Stephen Arroyo, scientist  Marie Curie, author Jean-Paul Sartre, writers Charles Bukowski, J.R.R. Tolkien, Henry Miller and Carlos Castaneda, Nazi politician Joseph Goebbels, spiritualist Deepak Chopra, TV host Oprah Winfrey, martial artist and actor Bruce Lee, actor Jude Law, filmmaker Martin Scorsese




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