Mars In Sagittarius


Mars In Sagittarius Keyword: Zealous

The planet of Drive and Passion is here in the sign of Sagittarius: Life Philosophy, the Adventure – this is a position of a rolling stone. You’re fond of travel, adore adventure, make friends instantly and have a pounding lust for life. But above all, you’re independent. You are in love with liberty— the freedom to go where you like, when you like, as you like, and to say what you like. Being daring and exciting as you are, you don’t actually make a perfect marriage partner – as you are a bit fickle. New day can bring a new life mission.

As a fire sign, you are very passionate, but being mutable renders you flexible, spontaneous and adaptable, but also changeable. It doesn’t mean you are ingenious: you just don’t have much patience, as there are so many new horizons to explore. This is a placement of a good sport, popular, with immense vitality. You should be physically active and be careful of your dauntless when it comes to physical danger. In a risky situation, you’re down right foolhardy (not to say reckless).

However, your supreme enthusiasm and optimism, and your sharp, active and original mind and futuristic ideas draws people to you. You often manage to acquire a substantial place in the community.

Number of things always going on in your life. You are perfect for starting up the projects and you do it with unparalleled flair and vision, but you aren’t one to finish them. You’re constantly questioning and seeking, but seldom stay around long enough to make enough use of the answers. But, if you just focus at one thing, you can be effective and productive with no equal.

Inspirational, fun-loving and playful, you love company where you can have amiable debates and good-humored arguments, especially in social, philosophic and religious matters. You express your views in an articulate and forceful manner – whatever you argue, you do it passionately, no matter if you’ve actually studied the subject thoroughly or not. But you’re always honest in your beliefs.

You don’t like to be imposed in any way – when it comes to religion, you hesitate to reject outright the orthodox dogmas, but you are impatient with the restrictions they impose on the individual’s thinking. With a strong views on morality and justice, and appreciation of simplicity, you are particularly critical of people in high places who put on airs and graces and don’t hesitate to show it publically. You will never allow the fear of what others may think to inhibit your free speech. Just try not to allow your skepticism, norm dismissal and recklessness wreck your career or social status.

Sexually, you are sensual and passionate – the love child. Open-mindless, good-humor and spontaneity attracts you, since your attitude toward sex is rather light, childlike. Sex is an exciting wonder and your lover is the best friend. Due to your exploratory nature, you’ll probably have many love affairs and may marry (or commit) more than once. When you fall in love, it is almost always at the first sight. Love comes easy to you – being responsible and commit is completely different story.

You lovers can have difficulty understand you, since you change from the most easy going, fun-loving to partner who is distracted from relationship, impatient and impulsive. You can behave in very unloving way if you feel controlled or constrained. Most important advice for your lovers is to give you space, allow and respect your independence and keep relationship always fresh, exciting and with childlike qualities.

Famous people with Mars In Sagittarius: psychiatrist Carl Jung, explorer Ferdinand Magellan, politicians Hugo Chávez, Saddam Hussein and Benjamin Franklin, writers Oscar Wilde, Jack Kerouac, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, Agatha Christie and Voltaire, musician Janis Joplin, mobster Lucky Luciano, actor John Travolta




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