Mars in Pisces


Mars in Pisces Keyword: Restless

The Planet of Passion is here in the sign of a Dreamer, the Mystic and the Inner drive is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions –  that’s why you have a strong imagination but when it comes to putting your ideas into action, your drive disperses. While the warrior planet Mars asserts itself, Pisces transcendents individual will – it renders people with this position often unable to know what they really want, being prone to go with a flow. When you are led by your intuition, the signs, dreams and emotions, you feel confident and physically agile.

You tend to experience immense and unpredictable emotions to the level of being an empath, almost psychic. You are emotional, sympathetic and receptive person, which may give others a leeway to taking advantage of you. You are most likely to be successful in occupations that depend on tuning in to other people’s emotions, or in those in which you can express yourself in abstract and subtle ways so as to arouse the finer feelings of others.

It seems that there aren’t boundaries of your inner persona: your aura has an indefinable wavelength, your languid movement is exciting in its suggestion, even sexy, but exasperatingly elusive. And even though you tend to be shy and stay in the background to (instinctively) protect your delicate being, many people with this position make great actors or actresses or first-class dancers.

You are very impressionable and every minute detail about your surroundings is recorded in the subconscious only to be expressed later in due time. Directing energy into creative expression, as being writer or an artist (always with insinuative style) allows you to put in a good use your power to switch emotions quickly. If not creatively directed, your Mars energy can turn passive and can be expressed in some kind of indirect aggression, since you never confront directly. However, you are courageous in the face of misfortune.

You appear quite on the outside, but that is often a mask of your inner restlessness. You can become lazy or irritated if you try to motivate yourself by money, status or power: it’s only feeling, an emotion that can spur you into action. Most of your motivation emerges from unconscious and because of that your desires changes, your energy level and motivation fluctuate – periods of activity and periods of passivity take alternate turns in your life.  Only time when your easy-going attitude changes to passionate tirade is when you hit an obstacle on your emotionally motivated path.

Constant ambivalences make real, practical life more difficult to you than it is to most people. At one point or another, you’ve probably had a hopeless feeling that you’ll never be as normal as you imagine those around you to be. But, if any of the great Mars-Pisces artists were “normal” according to that criteria, world would be a lot poorer place! However, you need to develop initiative, and work on your self-confidence self-reliance. Hard aspects to Mars can make Mars-Piscean seek solace in alcohol, drug, or both of them.

You have a great desire to be liked, even popular and you are true romantic. You have compulsion to love and to be loved, but a lot of your emotions come from unconscious and you often don’t understand them. Because of that you can called out for being indirect or too passive in love matters. That’s also one reason why you can be accused of not being truthful. Another reason is when you really use less than truth to get what you want – since you avoid open confrontation, you like to manipulate people and situations quietly and unobtrusively.

Intense feeling of Mars in Pisces is evident in your sexual relations. You are very sensuous, passionate and have a deep kind of sexual energy. In any intimate relationship that you enter, you give yourself fully and are thus able to connect deeply with your lover. You thrive in emotional upheavals and like your relationship to be fluid as your feelings. It’s astonishing how weak you can appear in relation to how strong emotional will you can exert. It is, however, very easy for you to get disappointed in love issues due to all fantasies you indulge into even prior to a relationship with your love interest. You are likely to make reliable associations with prominent persons from whom you can make financial benefits.

Famous people with Mars in Pisces: artists Vincent Van Gogh and Michelangelo, actors Edie Sedgwick, Marilyn Monroe,  Elizabeth Taylor and Heath Ledger, musicians Bob Dylan,  Eric Clapton and Norah Jones, jazz singer Billie Holiday, Giacomo Casanova, writers Simone de Beauvoir, Hermann Hesse and Molière,




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