Mars in Libra


Mars in Libra Keyword: Controlled

Mars, the God of War is here in sign of Harmony. In particular, harmony with fellow men, so your Mars drive is very much directed toward building relationship with others. The scale weighs all the time. Before any decision you don’t just consider all pros and cons , your decision-making also includes the needs and desires of others. Aesthetic and idealistic as you are, any trails of crudeness repels you.

With Mars in Libra, you are pleasant, charming and generous. Amiable and cooperative and with strong social conscience. you can’t stand any injustice, inequalities  and unfairness. You stand so much for a “fair play”, in defence of the oppressed, that you can become aggressive in defending the idea of peace and harmony. This dichotomy is intense in you, as much as your aggressiveness is rather passive – charming others and playing innocence is more your style than direct conflict. This position endows you with keen judgment and a discerning eye, and if you direct your passion for justice into action, there is potential in every Mars in Libra to become one of the giants of the fight for human rights.

That notion is supported by the your ability to sell anything to anyone: persuasiveness and diplomacy is your hallmark. That’s why you need a goal in life, not just for your own sake, but to contribute through individual to society. If not, your energy (e.g. resentment toward injustice) builds up, and you can start provoking others, as you mask your aggressiveness. You’d never allow others to notice anything that’s not harmonious and beautiful coming from you, but as it actually does happen, you tend to behave in a sneaky ways. Learn to rely on yourself.

You are the master of intimate relationships. Your sex drive is impulsive and sensuous. The Mars-Libra spends a large percentage of their time investing in emotional relationships. The concept of “other” is an ideal that gives you the meaning of life.You need spontaneity and your seductive powers are remarkable – you won’t go out chase for one you like, you’d bring your lover to yourself, using your charm and sex appeal. The lovers that you choose to be with must be cultured and chic for you to find happiness in sexual associations. You like refined, cultivated,people whom you can establish good rapport with.

You are also very likely to possess a unique artistic or literary ability and the work that you produce is both beautiful and balanced. Others know you by your ability to address the public in a pleasant manner. Your main problem is trying to balance the disharmonious and irritating elements you feel. If you attempt to correct the wrongs outside without resolving the belligerence in your own peace-aspiring nature, you will have trouble finding happiness. The key is to realize the means does not justify the end; the means is the end.

Famous people with Mars in Libra: actress Elke Sommer, explorer Robert Peary, composer Gioacchino Rossini, golfer Arnold Palmer and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles.




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