Mars in Leo


Mars in Leo Keyword: Passionate

Passionate Mars is in fiery Leo never renders an ordinary person. You are radiant, lavish, fun-loving person with a strong personal magnetism. You wish power and glory – especially glory. You have grand plans, grand visions, grand gestures and like to be surrounded by grand things. You are a showman and you know it- you dramatize every emotion if there is just an audience to see it. You are the powerhouse of energy and vitality and you know exactly where you’re going—to the top, of course!

You’ve always felt that you are born for big things, and that sense of entitlement enriched you with a strong self-confidence and rather defined goals. Many of you have a calling, something you can realize yourself trough and in the same time something that brings before the world significance you feel you’ve been naturally born with. One of the most noble traits of your idealism is your capability to find the same specialness in others and motivate them to shine as you do.

The planet of the Drive is in certain way in the sign of Ego, and it gives you passion to succeed. The energy of the lion, the king of the jungle, is your drive to be in the center, make a name and reputation for yourself. But it also has a fixed quality, which enables you not just to make a grandiose plans, but gives you force and endurance to put them into action. With your authoritative and powerful bearing it’s only you your laziness that can slow you down on your road to achieving all the objectives. Anything you create or become renders in you sense of pride.

You are never anonymous bystander in any situation. Everything you see and experience, you perceive through the prism of self, Me Prism. You should take care of extremes, since you are a demon for going that little bit too far. Fanaticism lurks behind this placement.

You are entertaining, enterprising and exciting, but also warmhearted and generous. However, because of your dramatic expression and sense of entitlement and uniqueness, people can perceive you as proud and egotistical. Truth is that you are a born leader who whose determined way of leadership can be seen as bossy and willful. Power and command pass to you with a natural affinity. But, since you tend to be over-assertive, you can easily earn a reputation for defiance and aggression,

Being opposed brings hot-blooded reactions in you, and rashness and recklessness can lead to your downfall. You have a hard time coping with a hurt pride. You are strongly aware of yourself, the impression you leave on others, and upholding image is very important to you.

Your love of pleasure and the party life can costs you, but you always make decisions with your heart and any small-mindedness bothers you. You are rather idealistic, and together with your tendency toward arrogancy you tend to be easy to deceive with flattery and praise, and a personal compliment, no matter how outrageously extravagant, seldom seems inappropriate to you.

As everything concerning your energy, your sex drive is dramatic. Your epic narrative and self-confidence attracts others, and when in a relationship you are expressive, warm, generous, and affectionate. But, you ask for a lot of attention and have a need to dominate in your relationship.

In whatever way that is expressed, you have a strong artistic inclinations – even if that’s just a love-making, you treat it as a form of art. You will be the one to lead when it comes to sex (and it can be expressed solely in your sex life, when Mars is in Leo), but you’ll do it in so charming and creative way that the partner might not even notice – or they will be happy to submit to your enthusiastic, creative, high-energy expression of love. You prefer luxurious ambients for love making and in order to keep you interested, your lover have to give a lot of attention to your needs, desires and especially –ego.

Famous Mars in Leo people: actors George Clooney, Monica Bellucci, James Dean,  Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot, musicians Amy Winehouse, Paul McCartney, Edith Piaf, Sting, Cher, Leonard Cohen and Frank Sinatra, entrepreneur Donald Trump, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, supermodel Claudia Schiffer, Nazi commander Heinrich Himmler




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