Mars in Gemini


Mars in Gemini Keyword: Spontaneous

With the planet of Passion in Gemini, the sign of Intellect, curiosity is your inner drive. Mental activity gets you going and you make an excellent politician, a convincing salesperson, a provocative speaker and writer. Your mind is active, alert but restless. Mentally-stimulating conversations, images and new ideas boost your physical energy and sexual drive, as well as boredom exhausts you on physical plane. You are open-minded, easily excited and contagiously enthusiastic when surrounded with inspiring audience.

You are forceful and blunt when you want to be; dancingly light and lacerating with your wit when it suits you: your sarcasm can quickly cut an opponent down. You verbally fence with the enemy to find his weak spot so you can puncture him, swiftly and neatly. You are a rabble rouser, a morale booster, an ideologist who can tell people how to do the impossible. You build verbal bridges for others to cross between the conceptual plane and the concrete world.

But, with Mars in the Air sign, you lack more earthly qualities: stamina, force of will and concertation. You are physically agile but don’t possess the stamina to shine in strenuous competitive sports. You are also easily distracted as your mind seeks diversity. Your great ideas must be carried forward by others. You participate for the sake of the action, the excitement, the mental stimulus, more than for the result. You are talkative person, an impulsive debater and disputant, and you seldom talk nonsense, but you may use your quick wit to embarrass and discomfort others unnecessarily, particularly in company. However you use it – words are your strongest weapon.  With Mars in Gemini, you should be careful not to neglect your education, because it makes hard for you to get ahead, as well because teaching and lecturing suits you.

You are practical and speak in order to produce effective action. The fact that you might never take action is incidental. Your role is to show the way. You make the most idealistic plan sound feasible and desirable. You are inventive, sometime marvelously ingenious. There are very few situations you can’t deal with. But because of the abundance of nervous energy, you are also high-strung and easily irritated. You sometimes show a remarkable inconsistency in your beliefs; you can take an opposite stand to one you’ve already advocated with magnificent self-confidence. You also can be very indecisive at times.

You look at sex from intellectual distance: you need to be aroused mentally first, in order to feel sexual desire. Passions in you are easily aroused, but also quickly transferred to another object. You actually enjoy more in the adventure of anticipation, than you really feel the need to satisfy the sexual urges. You sublimate these impulses better than any other placement. However, when sexually involved, you tend to be playful, skillful and open-minded lover. For you, intellectual compatibility has the utmost importance when it comes to a relationship, and sexual loyalty is a bit vague concept for you. Mars in Gemini people may have more than one relationship and marriages during life – and sometimes they are taking place simultaneously.

Mars in Gemini famous people: activist Martin Luther King, actors Al Pacino and Sean Connery, actresses Uma Thurman and Kate Winslet, musician Jim Morrison




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