Mars in Capricorn


Mars in Capricorn Keyword: Commanding

With Mars in Capricorn you are fierce, ambitious and magnetic person who commands respect (and like to command, too). Fiery energy of the planet of Passion is here in the sign of the father, the world leader, the teacher who passes on the knowledge how to master the material world, as the goat climbs the mountains. Your key strength is in your determination and endurance, as you thrive where there is an obstacle to overcome.

You are self-reliant and realistic person, fully aware of the reality of life. You’ve probably assumed responsibilities and leadership early in life, and as you carried it into the adulthood, you exude the air of authority. But it also renders some heaviness about you, an impression that there is an inner demand that pushes you to work, rather than inspiration or excitement. You probably don’t come across as enthusiastic person, but your dynamism and vigor are deep within you.

You are strong, down-to-earth rezoner and organizer, and as you are so goal-oriented, it is very possible that your work or/and career is the most important thing in your life. That way, you are prone to believe that ends justify the means as you are aggressively determined to make a name for yourself and you strive for the top in your chosen field.

There is no amount of responsibility that would deter you. Achiever by nature, you are endowed by ratio and control of Capricorn, and it usually directs that formidable determination of yours (the drive of Mars) into the channels that would serve you the best – that’s why it is said that Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

However, you aren’t flashy person. You are prepared to work hard to get to your aim in a structured, thorough and persistent way. You possess tactful patience and usually your strategical approach eliminates much of the need for the struggle. Both wealth and status motivate you, but making a legacy of your own, too.

Your self-control and self-discipline are immense. You detest disorder, wastefulness and “go with a flow” attitude. You love being in control, but as you are so sure of your capability, you are prepared to grab an opportunity boldly when others might hesitate. However, your systematic approach seldom makes it actually a gamble!

You aren’t the most romantic person in the world, but seriousness you invest in your love affairs can be very appealing. If you show interest in the person, you don’t play around, you mean it and you are prepared to work for it. You are mature person who’ll take time to know their love interest. Other side just need patience – you won’t change your mind. You believe that love must be earned.

Sexually, you are earthly type and those don’t apologize for their sexuality, as them find it completely natural. However, it’s different type of earthiness than in Mars in Taurus who indulge sexually with all five senses. You are much more complex. Rather conservative, you prefer to keep your sexuall endeavours inside the norms of the socially acceptable. Since your physical drives are so earthly elemental, and as you pursue them with the determination of a mountain goat striving to the top, it’s almost impossible not to break some social norm on the way.

You can’t really enjoy in your sensuality if you haven’t had to overcome something to get it, suffer for it. Guilt and responsibility can trammel your sexuallity, and your devotion is often obvious only when it is near to pain.

Your strong inclination toward managing makes you a very controlling lover. However, it doesn’t mean you are the bossy partner – you cansexually relax only if you assumed the responsibilities and duties of a relationship. That’s why on the beginning of the affair it seems that you are very old-fashioned romantic who follows the rules of chivalry in a courtship, but it’s actually your earthly lust that motivates you. Moreover, you are very practical when forming a relationship and doing that, you keep in your mind the financial aspect, as well as sexual capability of a partner

This astuteness and assiduous care for responsibility may not be so evident in the young people born with Mars in Capricorn. On the contrary, these young people may seem to have an intractable love of pleasure and appear quite undisciplined. This, however, is just a development phase.

Famous people with Mars in Capricorn: occultist Aleister Crowley, actors Brad Pitt, Marlon Brando and Sharon Stone, scientists Thomas Edison and Louis Pasteur, filmmaker Walt Disney, politician Ronald Reagan, musician David Bowie, tennis player Rafael Nadal, filmmaker Steven Spielberg, labor leader James Hoffa,




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