Mars in Cancer


Mars in Cancer Keyword: Temperamental

Initiative and willpower of the Mars are hindered by moodiness and cautious self-protection of the Cancer in this placement. Your strength of will is hidden, but great. As the sea erodes the hardest rocks, you accomplish little by little with every wave. Mars stirs you at your deepest levels; you churn to the surface; you have sudden outbursts of temper and irritation. Like a Cancer, you move sideways through life: and you make your own path. You’ll discover what a great reservoir of energy you possess when you start feeling responsible for others’ wellbeing.

This is the combination that represents the true artist, whether he or she be a painter, writer, sculptor, philosopher, musician—or gentle humanitarian. The fiery and energetic Mars, when immersed in Cancer, the deep receptive water Sign of the Moon, seems to bring out an unsuspected magical quality.

You are ambitious and industrious; but as the tides of the Moon, you are also changeable, what can affect your otherwise great persistence – emotional shifts lead to the lack in continuity. Because of your vulnerability you tend to be cautious before taking an action: that’s why it isn’t so apparent how much effort you invest in achieving your goals. Whatever you do, you seek to protect your immense depth and security is very important to you. Feelings and fear inhibit your physical and sexual energy and decisiveness but you thrive when feeling protected and cared for.

You are rebellious and refuse to be hemmed in and ordered about. Authority and its poses annoy you. But you don’t like direct confrontations.  You consider that the defense is the best offense. But too much of suppressed anger can lead, not only to passive-aggressiveness, but also to ulcers or other kind of stomach problems. If you’d channel frustration and irritation into a single effort, your original, independent and enterprising qualities would shine out. If not, these self-destructive forces can be dangerous: you could be inclined to depend on alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

You are easily offended and hold grudges. You resent, repress and smoulder. But you also have capacity for objective self-analysis, which, if utilized, can release the emotional pressures you have allowed to build up through ignoring or rejecting issues. You have a cherished family ideal, that most of the people with Mars in Cancer haven’t have fortune to experience through childhood. Connecting to your roots, however, helps you clarifying your desires and understanding your direction in life. Your instinctive knowledge is quite amazing and you have learned to rely on it.

For you, sex always has emotional price. Your need to feel secure can lead to your clinginess to unhappy relationship, just because there you feel at home, or to promiscuity as a substitute for actual emotional sustenance. But the manifestation of your passion is largely dependent of the forthcoming of the other side: you aren’t the one to make a move and risk embarrassment or disappointment. But you can be very persistent and intense in your waiting for a first move – accept an invitation.

You are highly intuitive, sensuous but refined lover. You are the soldier of emotions that survives all romantic challenges and never give up love, but people tend to oversee the change you look for and need in your sex life. You follow your feelings wherever they lead and it results with restlessness in your relationships.

A lot of famous people (especially great artists) had their natal Mars in Cancer: composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, artist Pablo Picasso, writers William Shakespeare, Stephen King, Albert Camus, Honoré de Balzac and Paulo Coelho, filmmaker David Lynch, fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, musicians Jacques Brel, Syd Barrett, Ray Charles and  Cyndi Lauper, philosophers Karl Marx and Immanuel Kant




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