Mars in Aries


Mars in Aries Keyword: Dynamic

The planet of Passion and Drive is here in its own Sign – Aries, so it is doubly strong and fiery. Your drive is taking action. You are independent, spirited, dominant, brave and a bit – autocratic. As you can’t stand the routine, you also can’t stand to be dictated to or even told what to do: you are the one to lead. Being in control is your utmost desire as you are naturally bold and inventive. Compromising is not your style: you’d rather be aggressive but you won’t bend from your purpose.

You are open, frank and direct. There are no back doors to your nature. You march boldly through the main gate for all to see, with the sure-footed confidence of a soldier. You have nothing to hide. You are what you are. The fact that you might accidentally knock down a brick or two as you make your bustling entrance does not concern you. Easily ignited passions of yours have two sides: generosity and honesty that can easily become bluntness and combativeness.

Mars in Aries equipped you with strong character but also with fiery temperament. You flare up quickly, you burst out quickly and you – chill out quickly. You want things done your way, you’ll make everyone know exactly what you want and strive for, and you’ll fight for it, forcefully if needed – but you won’t hold grudges. You deal with everything life brings immediately – as well with your anger. You want air cleared in the same manner. You don’t live in the past – actually – you crave excitement and freedom: you’d leave everything behind on an impulse if you envision a new world to conquer.

This position provides determination and the practical ability to succeed in life. But, you are too impulsive and impatient to be successful in endeavors demanding diplomacy and tact. You get easily irritated with slow, indirect or indecisive people, as you tend make a decisions in a split second. Than your rages are likely to be quite violent. You sincerely believe you are the master of your own destiny and you don’t intend to be caught napping. You aim at continual accomplishment, but sometimes you get so caught up in the action that you lose sight of the desired end.

Mars is the planet of both War and Sex. So, what’s your fighting style? It’s an Aries style: Your weapons are action, pioneering gestures and „me first“ attitude – your self-confidence. Your aim is always winning: but you win for the victory: not for the prize. It means that you’re always up for the challenge, but never play it dirty.

It’s very similar on the sexual plane: you have a strong sexual urge and a tremendous amount of energy to get rid of. You need a partner who is physically compatible and who understands the simplicity of your mental processes. Both assertive and idealistic, your goal is to conquer what you desire and to do it NOW: doesn’t matter if that’s a marriage or one night stand. Your youthful energy will attract many, but keeping relationship fresh and new is of utmost importance. You need something always new to win over in order to remain interested – so playing hard to get, taking risks, being courageous, first in anything, self-made and independent is what turns you on.

Famous people with Mars in Aries: actors Angelina Jolie, Russell Crowe and Clint Eastwood, politician Nicolas Sarkozy and Vladimir Lenin, entrepreneur Steve Jobs, scientist Stephen Hawking, composer Frédéric Chopin, murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, writers Federico García Lorca, Orson Welles and Charles Dickens




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